Hakol Over Habibi

Hakol Over Habibi (known in English as Habibi Group) was an Israeli musical band which represented their country in Eurovision Song Contest 1981 with the song "Halayla". The band consisted of: Shlomit Aharon, Kiki Rothstein, Yuval Dor and Ami Mandelman. They had originally been offered the song "Hallelujah" as a potential Eurovision entry in 1978 but turned it down. The song went on to represent Israel in 1979 but was performed by Milk and Honey winning that year's contest.

Hakol Over Habibi
Hakol Over Habibi members, 2006
Hakol Over Habibi members, 2006; from left to right: Ami Mandelman, Shlomit Aharon, Yuval Dor and Kiki Rothstein
Background information
Years active1975-2002
  • Ami Mandelman
  • Shlomit Aharon
  • Yuval Dor
  • Kiki Rothstein
Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Milk and Honey
with Hallelujah
Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeeded by
Avi Toledano
with Hora