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Hakim Taniwal (Pashto: حکيم تڼيوال) was the Governor of Paktia province in Afghanistan until he was killed by a suicide bomber on 10 September 2006, at the age of 60.[1] Prior to his governorship of Paktia, Taniwal had governed the difficult province of Khost, near the border with Pakistan, where al-Qaeda had established training camps during the time of the Taliban and later took refuge in the Tora Bora mountains.

Hakim Taniwal
Governor of Paktia Province, Afghanistan
In office
2005 – 10 September 2006
Preceded by Assadullah Wafa
Succeeded by Rahmatullah Rahmat
Personal details
Born March 1946
Hesarak, Tani, Khost
Died 10 September 2006
Gardez, Paktia, Afghanistan

Taniwal was an Afghan exile in Australia with his family before returning to Afghanistan to take the governorship. Lacking the military background, and the associated questionable human rights record, of so many of the country's past and present politicians, Taniwal was considered an effective and honest administrator before his death. He brought Khost Shikh Zayed university to Khost city and he signed the contract of Khost-Gardez Pass road for these religious people by his struggles.

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  • article Assassination could destabilise east Afghanistan published 11 September 2006 "Governor Taniwal is the highest-ranking Afghan official to be killed since the Taliban insurgency began."