Hakai (album)

Hakai is the first studio album from Hiroshi Kyono as Wagdug Futuristic Unity and was released on July 23, 2008.[1] The album is the follow-up to the 2007 EP Nu Riot. The song with Justice is a remake of their most popular song, "Waters of Nazareth". Another track from the album, "Systematic People", was released as a single and also used as the opening theme for the anime series Kurozuka.

Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 23, 2008 (Japan)
GenreDigital hardcore, Techno
LabelSony Music (Japan)
ProducerHiroshi Kyono
Wagdug Futuristic Unity chronology
Nu Riot

Track listingEdit

  1. Hakai (featuring DJ Starscream) (Hakai version)
  2. Got Life
  3. Systematic People (featuring Maximum the Ryo) (DUG version)
  4. Why? (featuring Ceephax)
  5. Mad Saturator
  6. Ill Machine (featuring Ultra Brain) (Hakai version)
  7. G.O.D. Space
  8. Wall (featuring Chino Moreno)
  9. Mass Compression (featuring Ultra Brain)
  10. Chaostic Radio
  11. Rise It! (featuring Funkygong)
  12. X-Stereo (featuring Justice)
  13. Nu World (featuring Numanoid vs. Mazda)

Bonus Tracks

14. Weapons of Wag Distortion (featuring Com.A)
15. Systematic People (featuring Maximum the Ryo) (WAG version)


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