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Gardiner Sisters

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The Gardiner Sisters are a family musical group from Concord, North Carolina. The group consists of sisters Hailey, Allie, Mandi, Lindsay, Abby and Lucy Gardiner.[1][2] The sisters have over 80 million views on YouTube and are one of the most popular independent music artists on Spotify with over 120 million plays.

Gardiner Sisters
Origin Concord, North Carolina
Genres Pop
Years active 2009 (2009)–present
Labels Unsigned



The group began in 2006 when they won the Mt. Pleasant's Got Talent July 4th singing competition. In 2009 they first started posting videos of themselves singing on YouTube.[3] As of January 2018, the Gardiner Sisters' YouTube channel has more than 85 million total video views and over 650,000 subscribers.[4] Their interpretation of the song "Let It Go" from the Disney movie Frozen was one of ABC News' Top 10 favorite renditions of "Let It Go" from 2014.[5] The Gardiner Sisters have currently released five EPs. In April 2015, Hailey released her solo EP, titled 'The Woods', on Earth Day.


  • Hailey Camille Gardiner | born {birth date |1992|8|27}
  • Allie Jane (Gardiner) Glines | born {birth date |1994|2|19} [Note: Allie is not singing anymore, she started her own Make Up Tutorial youtube channel]
  • Amanda “Mandi” Claire Gardiner | born {birth date |1995|9|1}
  • Lindsay Elizabeth Gardiner | born {birth date |1999|6|25}
  • Abbigail “Abby” Marie Gardiner | born {birth date |2001|12|1}
  • Lucy Violette Gardiner | born {birth date |2008|3|7}



  • Gardiner Sisters (2009)
  • Merry Christmas (2013)
  • L.O.V.E. (2014)
  • Better (2014)
  • Nearer To Thee (2016)


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