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A Hachiman shrine (八幡神社, Hachiman Jinja, also Hachimangū (八幡宮)) is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the kami Hachiman.[1] It is the second most numerous type of Shinto shrine after those dedicated to Inari Ōkami (see Inari shrine).[1] There are about 44,000 Hachiman shrines.

Iwashimizu Hachimangū, a Hachiman shrine in Yawata, Kyoto.

Originally the name 八幡 was read Yawata or Yahata, a reading still used in some cases. Many towns and cities incorporating the names Hachiman, Yawata or Yahata grew around these shrines.

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The following four shrines are often grouped into groups of three, either as Usa-Iwashimizu-Hakozaki or Usa-Iwashimizu-Tsurugaoka, and both of these groupings are known as the Three Major Hachiman Shrines of Japan (八幡).

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