Habsburg (disambiguation)

Habsburg generally refers to the House of Habsburg, an important and influential European family that held several royal titles.

The House of Habsburg-Lorraine (often shortened to House of Habsburg) succeeded the original House of Habsburg after the latter became extinct in the male line.

Habsburg may also refer to:

  • 85199 Habsburg, a main-belt asteroid
  • Habsburg, Austria (Vienna), the resident city of the Habsburg dynasty in Austria
  • Habsburg Castle, the original seat of the Habsburg family
  • Habsburg Hungary, Kingdom of Hungary during the Habsburg rule: (1437-1457), (1526-1867) or (1867-1918)
  • Habsburg Monarchy, the countries that were ruled by the junior Austrian branch of the House of Habsburg and then by the successor House of Habsburg-Lorraine
  • Habsburg Moravia, a Habsburg possession from 1526 until the end of World War I
  • Habsburg Netherlands (c. 16th century), the Imperial fiefs in the Low Countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg
  • Habsburg Spain, the rule of Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries by the Habsburg dynasty
  • Habsburg, Switzerland, a town in Switzerland
  • Habsburg-Valois War (Italian Wars from 1494 to 1559), a general struggle for power and territory among various participants

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