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The Habar Yoonis (Somali: Habar Yoonis, Arabic: هبر يونس‎) (Full Name: Siciid Ismacil (Garxajis) Sheikh Ishaaq ibn Ahmed) is a major Somali clan and is a sub-division of the Garhajis subclan of the Isaaq clan family. Members of this clan are concentrated in the western and eastern portions Somaliland. Habar Yoonis is part of the 4 principal clans of the Isaaq clan.[1] Two (Habar Yoonis and Eidagale) of the four principal Isaaq clans are part of the Garhajis confederation, the largest and most widespread of the Isaaq clan.

Habar Yoonis
هبر يونس
Regions with significant populations
Somali and Arabic
Related ethnic groups
Habar Jeclo, Habar Awal and other Isaaq clans


Map of Somaliland showing distribution Habr Yoonis Tribe in the central and eastern Somaliland

The Habar Yunis inhabit Togdheer, Sanaag, Maroodi Jeex and Sahil. Habar Yunis is the only Isaaq sub clan that inhabit 5 out of 6 regions of Somaliland. They also form a majority of Jarar in the Somali region of Ethiopia, exclusively inhabiting the Daror and Gashamo districts and have a large population in the Aware and Danot districts.

The Habar Yunis can also be found in considerable numbers in the Sanaag region and its regional capital of Ceerigaabo, where they form a majority.

In Togdheer, the Habar Yoonis inhabit the regional capital of Burao, in addition they exclusively settle in the largest district of Oodweyne

In Maroodi Jeex they have a very significant population. The Habar yonis inhabit 3 districts within Hargeisa city.

In the Hawd and the Reserved Area, the Habar Yunis, together with their Eidagale kinsmen, populate much of the major towns and trading cities, the most prominent and emerging of the latter being Gashamo.[2][3]

A subclan of the Habr Yunis, the Damal Muse, also inhabit the Mudug region of Somalia.[4]


Sa'id is the ancestor of the Habar Yunis . The Habar indicates a bah alliance or a uterine alliance. The Habar Yunis is a bah alliance of all the descendants of Arre Sa'id whos mother was of the Abbayonis clan.

The tomb of Sheikh Ishaaq, ancestor of the Habar Yoonis clan, located in the ancestral lands of the Habar Yoonis, Maydh, Sanaag.


Sultans of the Habr YunisEdit

Name Reign




1 Ainasha Hersi (traditional chief) 1770s 1805
2 Sultan Sugulleh Ainasha (first sultan) 1805 1836
3 Sultan Diriyeh Sultan Sugulleh Ainasha 1836 1866
4 Sultan Hersi Aman Sultan Diriyeh 1866 1879
5 Sultan Nur Ahmed Aman Sultan Diriyeh 1881| 1907
6 Sultan Awad Sultan Diiriye 1884 1892
7 Sultan Dolal Sultan Nur 1907 1911
8 Sultan Nur Ismail Amaan 1896 1931
9 Sultan Xirsi Sultan Qani 1937 1954
10 Sultan Ise Sultan Xirsi 1955 1964.
11 Sultan Yusuf Sultan Xirsi. 1975 1984
12 Sultan Maxamed Sultan Xirsi Sultan Qani 1997 Current.

Notable peopleEdit

Portrait of a 20 year old Habr Yunis man, 1889. Photograph by Prince Roland Bonaparte.
  • Ismail Haji Nour,Mayor of Erigavo and longest serving mayor in somaliland history.
  • Hersi Aman, was one of the most powerful sultans and conquerer of the hawd regions


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