HaSharon Junction

The HaSharon Junction (Hebrew: צומת השרון‎), commonly known as Beit Lid Junction (Hebrew: צומת בית ליד‎), is a key road junction in the Sharon region of Israel. It intersects Highway 4 and Highway 57. The junction serves as a large transportation hub for dozens of Egged and Kavim buses.

A monument commemorating the victims of the Beit Lid suicide bombing at the junction

On the southwest corner of the junction is Ashmoret Prison, a civilian jail.

The junction was the scene of the Beit Lid suicide bombing, a 1995 attack by Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

It is planned that in the future, a large interchange will replace the current intersection. It will be located slightly north of the existing junction, along a new alignment of Highway 57, which will be shifted to the north.


The following buses stop at the Beit Lid Junction. The junction itself does not have routes using it as a starting or ending station.


Line Route
641 Tel Aviv CBS - Netanya CBS
821 Afula CBS - Tel Aviv CBS
823 Tel Aviv CBS - Nazareth Illit
921 Tel Aviv CBS - Haifa Hof HaCarmel CBS (both directions)
947 Haifa Hof HaCarmel CBS - Jerusalem CBS

Nativ ExpressEdit

Line Route Via
35 Netanya CBS - Netanya CBS Kfar Yona

Coordinates: 32°19′24.7″N 34°54′14.3″E / 32.323528°N 34.903972°E / 32.323528; 34.903972