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HaMerotz LaMillion 6

HaMerotz LaMillion (Hebrew: המירוץ למיליון‎‎, lit. The Race to the Million) is an Israeli reality television game show based on the American series, The Amazing Race. The sixth installment of the series features 12 teams of two with a pre-existing relationship in a race around the world to win 1,000,000.

המירוץ למיליון
HaMerotz LaMillion
Season Run 21 October 2017 (2017-10-21) – present
Filming dates 10 May (2017-05-10) – 7 June 2017 (2017-06-07);
22-23 September 2017
Presenter Ron Shahar
Season Stats
Continents visited 4
Countries visited 9
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 5

This season premiered on October 21, 2017 on Channel 2 until November 1, 2017 when the show moved to Reshet 13, one of two new stations launched following a split of the former, and is hosted by Ron Shahar.



Unlike the previous two seasons, which featured 14 teams split into two groups of seven teams and eliminated one team per group at the end of the first leg, this season's first leg returned to a single leg format.

The race visited four continents and nine countries including a franchise first visit to Kyrgyzstan, a country which has not been visited by the original American edition.

Former New York Jets cheerleader and The Amazing Race 27 racer Krista DeBono was the Pit Stop greeter on Leg 2 in New York City.[1]


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcast on television due to inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:[2]

Team Relationship Position (by leg) Roadblocks
1 2+ 3+ 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
דניאל ואליהו Daniel & Eliyahu Models 11th 1st > 1st Daniel 2, Eliyahu 0
רגב והלן Regev & Helen Married 1st 7th < 2nd Regev 1, Helen 1
עדי ומיתר Adi & Meitar Childhood Friends 2nd 2nd > 3rd Adi 1, Meitar, 1
יוסי ואודי Yossi & Udi Firefighter and Volunteer Policeman 8th 10th 4th Yossi 2, Udi 0
אן וירדן Anne & Yarden Best Friends 4th 9th > 5th Anne 2, Yarden 0
עומר ונטע Omer & Neta Siblings 10th 4th > 6th Omer 2, Neta 0
מור ומור Mor & Mor New Mothers 6th 5th 7th Mor Si. 2, Mor Sw. 0
הני ואביבית Hanni & Avivit Holon Municipality Officers 7th 6th > 8th Hanni 1, Avivit 1
אוולין וטוהר Evelin & Tohar Married 3rd 8th 9th Evelin 0, Tohar 2
נמרוד ויונתן Nimrod & Yonatan Pianists 5th 3rd > 10th Nimrod 0, Yonatan 1
ג'סיקה ואסף Jessica & Asaf Exes 9th 11th1 Jessica 0, Asaf 0
נועה ומעיין Noa & Ma'ayan Cousins 12th Noa 0, Ma'ayan 0
  • A red team placement means the team was eliminated.
  • An orange + indicates that there was a Double Battle on this leg of the race, while an orange − Indicates the team that lost the Double Battle and received a 15-minute penalty.
  • A yellow < or « and orange < or « indicates the team who received a Yield; >, », > and » indicates that the team voted for the recipient.
  1. ^ Jessica & Asaf initially arrived 10th, but they did not complete the United Nations Headquarters task, having arrived at the Pit Stop by chance. They were required to turn back and complete the additional task before being allowed to check in. Yossi & Udi checked in while Jessica & Asaf went back, dropping them to last place and resulting in their elimination.

Voting historyEdit

Teams may vote to choose either U-Turn or Yield. The team with the most votes received the U-Turn or Yield penalty, depending on the respective leg.

Yield U-Turn U-Turn
Leg # 2 3 4
Result: Regev & Helen
(6/11 votes)
Regev & Helen
(5/10 votes)
Regev & Helen
(3/9 votes)
Voter Team's Vote
Evelin & Tohar Jessica & Asaf Yossi & Udi Omer & Neta
Regev & Helen Evelin & Tohar Daniel & Eliyahu Avivit & Hanni
Yossi & Udi Anne & Yarden Anne & Yarden Anne & Yarden
Daniel & Eliyahu Regev & Helen Regev & Helen Regev & Helen
Adi & Meitar Regev & Helen Regev & Helen Regev & Helen
Anne & Yarden Regev & Helen Yossi & Udi Yossi & Udi
Omer & Neta Regev & Helen Regev & Helen Mor & Mor
Mor & Mor Hanni & Avivit Nimrod & Yonatan Omer & Neta
Hanni & Avivit Regev & Helen Regev & Helen Regev & Helen
Nimrod & Yonatan Regev & Helen Regev & Helen
Jessica & Asaf Evelin & Tohar

Race summaryEdit

HaMerotz LaMillion 6 route map
Destinations   Air travel     Rail travel     Water travel     Bus travel
Route Markers   צומת (Detour)     מחסום (Roadblock)     קיצור דרך (Fast Forward)     עצור (Yield)
  מסלול משותף (Intersection)     סיבוב פרסה (U-Turn)     נקודת סיום (Pit Stop)

Leg 1 (Israel)Edit

Synagogue of Mikveh Israel. The first Pit Stop of HaMerotz LaMillion 6

Airdate: 21 October 2017

Additional tasks
  • At Winter Lake Park, teams had to walk across an I-beam suspended high above the park, using a short length of rope to balance each other. Once across, they had to sit on the end of the beam and pick up a nearby metal lunchbox to have their photograph taken with it, recreating the famous Lunch atop a Skyscraper photograph.
  • At the Netanya IKEA store, teams had to choose a display inside the store to memorize, then make their way to a matching display outside that was missing certain items. They then had to figure out and search the store for the items that the outdoor display was missing, and show them to a judge. If the items were correct, they received their next clue.
  • At the Yavneh Food Products Group in Kvutzat Yavne, teams had to balance on opposite ends of a seesaw and had to make their way toward the middle to empty cups of olive oil into a bucket without either end touching the ground, otherwise they had to go back and try again. Once teams filled the bucket, they received their next clue.
  • After receiving their clue, teams were directed to the Pit Stop, which was described as the Mikveh in the center of the country that has been teaching agriculture for almost 150 years, leaving them to figure out that this referred to the Mikveh Israel near Tel Aviv.

Leg 2 (Israel → United States)Edit

This leg in New York City mainly featured famous attractions around the borough of Manhattan, including Times Square, which hosted tasks and the Pit Stop.

Airdate: 25 & 28 October, 1 November 2017

Additional tasks
  • In Central Park, teams had to toss a ball resembling a big apple to land on top of a metal structure. They then to walk balancing the ball on the structure to a can, then tilt it so the ball rolls into the can to receive their next clue. If they dropped the ball, they had to start over.
  • In Washington Square Park, teams had to convince enough park-goers to stand together on a weighing scale to reach a total weight within five kilograms of 1,636 kilograms (3,607 lb), the equivalent to 1 million Israeli new shekels in only five-shekel coins, to receive their next clue.
  • In the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, teams encountered the first Double-Battle of the Race. Atop two adjacent rooftops in the Industry City complex, teams competed against each other in a tug of war match. The first team to pull the other off of their rooftop received their next clue. The team that fell would have to wait for the next opponent.
  • After the Double Battle, teams made their way to the nearby American Made Furniture outlet, where they voted for who they wished to Yield.
  • Teams made their way back to Manhattan to collect a list of items at specific locations in the famous SoHo neighborhood: a flower bouquet and four gifts from Élan Flowers, ten suits from Ari SoHo, eight cups of coffee from Ground Support Café, and finally a set of golf clubs and a rolling suitcase from Art + Autonomy Salon. Once fully collected, they then had to deliver all of the items intact to a Mr. Donald's loft at 241 Centre St. to receive their next clue. If they dropped or broke any of the items, they had to go back.
  • At the LaLine store in Times Square, teams chose a tray of a uniquely-scented body cream. They then had to carry the tray around Times Square and convince passersby to apply the cream until a small Race flag is uncovered in one of the containers.
  • At the Big Daddy's diner on Broadway, teams were given a menu listing only the names of specials, including Million Dollar Baby, American Dream, etc. written in Hebrew. Teams had to find the signature dish by ordering off of the menu. If teams ordered incorrectly, when their order arrived, the server would then empty the food into a blender and purée it with water into a smoothie. Teams then had to drink the entire concoction, served in a single large glass with two straws and would order another dish. Once teams ordered the signature dish, they were then given a normal chocolate milkshake to finish to receive their next clue.
  • At United Palace, teams had to perform a scene from the musical version of Peter Pan. With one team member dressed as the titular character, and the other as Wendy, they watched the choreography on a video, then performed the scene on stage, with the team member playing Peter harnessed to "fly". If they performed the scene correctly, they received their next clue.
  • At Louis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier in Brooklyn, both team members dressed as the Statue of Liberty with football helmets and carried a net together while three people threw softballs at them. After catching a total of five balls in the net, teams received their next clue from a person dressed as the Statue of Liberty.
  • At the Manhattan headquarters of the United Nations, teams listened to a song that named multiple countries, as well as Hawaii. They then had to make their way back to Times Square and find one person each from three of the listed places. Teams then had to bring all three to a United Nations judge outside of the U.S. Armed Forces recruiting station, who would give them their next clue if they found the correct people by getting them to show their passport or identification and say "hello" in their native language as proof. They could then make their way to the nearby Pit Stop. The Yielded team had to wait out their 15-minute penalty before checking in.

Leg 3 (United States)Edit

This leg took place on the island of Oahu and focused on the beaches in and around the Hawaiian state capital, Honolulu.

Airdate: 4, 8 & 11 November 2017

The first Detour of the race was מעל החול (Above the Sand) or מתחת לחול (Under the Sand). In Above the Sand, teams had to pull a heavy stone across the sand using a rope and four logs. As teams moved the stone across the sand, they would have to move the log in the back to the front of the stone to keep it moving. Once teams pulled the stone across the marked finish, they would receive their next clue. In Below the Sand, one team member had to become a human metal detector and had to wear a helmet with a search coil attached while being held by their legs by their partner, who was wearing headphones. Teams had to search a roped-off area of the beach and find a metal plate shaped like a hand in the Shaka position among several metallic items to receive their next clue. Teams found the U-Turn reveal board near the beach's parking lot.

The first Roadblock of the race required one team member to participate in the land surfing sport of heʻe hōlua. That person had to ride a wooden sled called a papa hōlua down a hill without falling over. While sledding, that person then had to grab one of several clues strung above the base of the hill. If they grabbed a clue with contained a paper saying "Try Again," they would have to slide down the hill again until they found a clue which contained a paper saying "Excellent Surfer" to receive their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At Waikiki Beach, teams dressed as mermaids, wearing a costume tail and a coconut bra. They had to crawl along the beach to find a bucket, then return to the starting point, where they would find a mermaid impersonator lying near an outrigger canoe. They then had to get a local to dump a bucket of water over each of them to wash off the sand, then pose with the mermaid for a photograph to receive their next clue.
  • At the beach on Sand Island, teams voted for who they wished to U-Turn.
  • Following this, one team member had to ride a Flyboard and manage to propel themselves high enough into the air to view a grid containing well-known icons of Hawaii on a board. They then had to relay to their partner, on shore, the missing icons to fill in on a corresponding grid. If all of the icons were correct, they received their next clue.
  • Teams then made their way to the beach on Magic Island, where they swam out to a large Saturn-shaped pool toy floating in the lagoon for the Double-Battle. While maintaining balance, each team attempted to knock both members of the opposing team off. After ten minutes, they could only hold on with one hand. The first team to have both members fall off lost the Double-Battle, while the team still standing received their next clue.
  • Teams traveled to a fruit drink stand on Sandy Beach in Hawaii Kai, east of Honolulu, to receive a drink from Race sponsor ספרינג (Spring).
  • At Papahana Kualoa, teams had to grab sweet potatoes wrapped in Aluminium foil cooking on a fire. Teams then had to walk barefoot across sharp rocks to a basket and peel the potatoes. After teams peeled 25 potatoes, they would receive their next clue.
  • At the Koko Marina Center, one team member travelled by boat to the coral reef in Maunalua Bay. When that person arrived, they entered a BOBdive submersible and would propel themselves to a metal frame containing several childhood photographs of the race's contestants. The chosen team member would have to find the six photographs that pictured their team as children. Once they believed they got all six photographs, they would return to the marina. If they were wrong, then their partner would have to search for the remaining photographs. Once teams found all six photographs, a person dressed as a shark would give them their next clue.
  • At Skin Deep Tattoo and Piercing, teams would receive a temporary tattoo of a blank street map of Honolulu, with two red dots signifying the tattoo shop and the clue box location, on their backs. Teams had to ask locals what was tattooed on their backs in order to figure out the location of their next clue and had to make their way on foot to the clue box.
  • At Bailey's Antiques and Aloha Shirts, teams had to search through over 15,000 Aloha shirts for the one shirt that matched the pattern provided to teams to receive their next clue.

Leg 4 (United States → Mexico)Edit

Airdate: 15, 18 & 22 November 2017

In this leg’s Roadblock, one team member had to join a group of performers called the Voladores of Papantla. That team member had to climb a 32 m (105 ft) pole and swing around the pole while suspended upside-down on ropes to the ground. While swinging down the pole, the chosen team member had to spot a sign, which contained the phrase Mexico ’70, referring to when Mexico hosted the 1970 FIFA World Cup and Israel’s first appearance in a World Cup, in Hebrew. If they were able to correctly recite the phrase, then they would receive their next clue, otherwise they would have to go to the back of any line that formed, climb the pole, and perform the swing again until they spotted the sign.

This leg’s Detour was a choice between Piñata (פיניטה) or Margarita (מרגריטה). In Piñata, teams had to choose a piñata and hang it on a rope atop a metal cube. One team member would be blindfolded and had to hit the piñata through the verbal directions of their teammate while two boys pulled on the rope to make it harder to hit the piñata. After the blindfolded team member cracked open the piñata, the non-blindfolded team member had to find a candy with a race-colored wrapper, which they could exchange for their next clue. In Margarita, teams had to use a prog attached to a long pole to stack a pyramid of ten margarita glasses filled with blue-colored water. If the pyramid toppled, teams would have to stack a new set of glasses. Once teams were able to stack ten margarita glasses into a pyramid that was able to stand for five seconds, they would receive their next clue. After teams completed the Detour, they made their way to the U-Turn reveal board outside the house on Rancho Las Abejas 128.

Additional tasks
  • At El Salón Tenampa, teams had to make a burrito and a tamale while wearing a two person Mexican poncho. Following a recipe, team members had to work together using one arm each to prepare the dishes. Once the burrito and tamales were prepared to the judge’s satisfaction, teams would receive their next clue.
  • In the riding ring of Charros del Pedregal were multiple metal pipe structures shaped like a hemisphere with a lasso rope wrapped along the pipes. While tethered together on one end of the rope, teams had to unravel the rope from the frame of the metal hemisphere. Teams had fifteen minutes to unravel the rope, otherwise they would have to reset and attempt the task again. Once teams unraveled the rope in the allotted time, they would receive they next clue.
  • After completing the lasso task teams made their way to the nearby Parián garden. Once there, teams had to learn how to perform the Mexican Hat Dance. Once teams performed the dance to the judge’s satisfaction, they would receive their next clue.
  • Before leaving Lienzo Charro Pedregal, teams made their way to the banquet hall next to the Charros del Pedregal ring and voted for who they wished to U-Turn.
  • At Embarcadero Cuemanco Xochimilco, teams had to board a local boat called a trajinera. Using a long pole, teams had to propel their boat through the city’s canals to a soccer field next to the Canal del Bordo within Xochimilco Park.
  • At the soccer field in Xochimilco Park, teams had to put on vision obscuring goggles. While standing behind two white lines, team members had to pass a soccer ball to each other back and forth past a series of cones until they reached a net. Then, one team member had to shoot the ball at the net. Once teams successfully scored a goal, they would receive their next clue.
  • After completing the soccer task, teams had to propel their trajinera back to Embarcadero Cuemanco Xochimilco.

Future legsEdit

Leg 5 (Mexico → Colombia)
Leg 6 (Colombia)

  Bogotá (El Dorado International Airport) to Cartagena, (Rafael Núñez International Airport)

Upcoming legsEdit

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