Ha'penny is an alternate history novel written by Jo Walton and published by Tor Books . It was first published on October 2, 2007. It is the second novel of the Small Change series.

Tor Books hardcover
AuthorJo Walton
CountryUnited States
SeriesSmall Change
GenreAlternate history novel
PublisherTor Books
Publication date
October 2, 2007
Media typePrint (Hardcover)
Pages320 (hardcover edition)
ISBN0-7653-1853-9 (hardcover edition)
823/.914 22
LC ClassPR6073.A448 H37 2007
Preceded byFarthing 
Followed byHalf a Crown 

Plot summaryEdit

The book is a mystery thriller set inside an alternate history in which the United Kingdom made peace with Adolf Hitler in 1941.

It's 1949 and Britain has slid into fascist dictatorship. When a bomb explodes in a London suburb, Scotland Yard Inspector Peter Carmichael is assigned to the case. He finds a web of conspiracy and a plot to murder both Britain's new Prime Minister and Adolf Hitler, during the latter's Friendship visit to London. Carmichael's professional ethics became compromised during a previous case involving the aristocratic and political establishment, which may affect his ability to handle the case at hand. Life is also complicated for Viola Lark, who abandoned the upper class environment of her family and lost touch with her five very different sisters (inspired by the real-life Mitford sisters[1]) when she chose to become an actress. Viola is given the role of a lifetime and hard decisions to make, as she becomes caught up in family politics.

The first "Small Change" novel, Farthing, was released in August 2006 by Tor Books. A third novel in the series, Half a Crown, came out in September 2008, also from Tor.

Awards and nominationsEdit

The Los Angeles Times named Ha'penny one of their ten Favorite Mystery Books of 2007.[2]

The novel has been nominated for a Lambda Literary Award for LGBT-themed fiction.[3]

Ha'penny tied with Harry Turtledove's The Gladiator for the 2008 Prometheus Award.[4]

Publication historyEdit

  • 2007, USA, Tor Books ISBN 0-7653-1853-9, Pub date 2 October 2007, Hardback
  • 2008, USA, Tor Books ISBN 0-7653-5808-5, Pub date 1 July 2008, Mass Market Paperback
  • 2010, Spain, La Factoria de la Ideas ISBN 978-84-92492-39-8, Pub date 1 October 2010, Paperback, as La Conspiración de Coltham (The Conspiracy of Coltham)
  • 2015, France, Denoël ISBN 978-2207125144, Pub date 1 October 2015, Paperback, as Hamlet au paradis (Hamlet in paradise)

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