HVDC Thailand–Malaysia

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The HVDC Thailand–Malaysia is a 110 kilometer long HVDC powerline between Khlong Ngae in Thailand at 6°42′56″N 100°27′08″E / 6.71556°N 100.45222°E / 6.71556; 100.45222 (Khlong Ngae Converter Station) and Gurun in Malaysia. The HVDC Thailand–Malaysia, which crosses the border between Malaysia and Thailand at 6°31′47″N 100°24′11″E / 6.52972°N 100.40306°E / 6.52972; 100.40306 (HVDC-Crossing of Thailand-Malaysia border), serves for the coupling of the asynchronously operated power grids of Thailand and Malaysia and went in service in June 2002. The HVDC connection Thailand–Malaysia is a monopolar 300 kV overhead line with a maximum transmission rate of 300 megawatts. The terminal of the HVDC is situated east of Gurun at 5°48′45″N 100°32′06″E / 5.81250°N 100.53500°E / 5.81250; 100.53500 (Gurun Converter Station). The inverter hall is designed as Chinese style building.

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