HMS Belleisle (1819)

HMS Belleisle was a 74-gun third-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 26 April 1819 at Pembroke Dockyard.[1]

Crimean War; the Belleisle Hospital Ship taking provisions o Wellcome V0015416.jpg
The hospital ship Belleisle taking provisions during the Crimean War
Royal Navy EnsignUnited Kingdom
NameHMS Belleisle
Ordered17 November 1812
BuilderPembroke Dockyard
Laid downFebruary 1816
Launched26 April 1819
FateBroken up, 1872
General characteristics [1]
Class and type
Tons burthen1709 bm
Length174 ft (53 m) (gundeck)
Beam47 ft 4 in (14.43 m)
Depth of hold20 ft (6.1 m)
Sail planFull-rigged ship
  • 74 guns:
  • Gundeck: 28 × 32-pounders
  • Upper gundeck: 28 × 18-pounders
  • Quarterdeck: 14 × 9-pounders
  • Forecastle: 4 × 9-pounders
Plans of Belleisle

Belleisle was converted to serve as a troopship in 1841.[1] On 10 June 1856, she ran aground on the Englishman's Shoal, in the Bosphorus. She was refloated on 13 June.[2]

Belleisle was subsequently used as a hospital ship at Chatham. In June 1866, she was lent by the Admiralty to the Seamen's Hospital Society for use as a hospitaly ship in London for seamen suffering from cholera. Whilst being towed up the River Thames by the tug Medusa, she ran aground, but was refloated on the next tide.[3] Belleisle was broken up in 1872.[1]


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