HL Tau 76 is a variable white dwarf star of the DAV (or ZZ Ceti) type. It was observed by G. Haro and W. J. Luyten in 1961,[8][9] and was the first variable white dwarf discovered when, in 1968, Arlo U. Landolt found that it varied in brightness with a period of approximately 749.5 seconds, or 12.5 minutes.[9] Like other DAV white dwarfs, its variability arises from non-radial gravity wave pulsations within itself.[10], § 7. Later observation and analysis has found HL Tau 76 to pulsate in over 40 independent vibrational modes, with periods between 380 seconds and 1390 seconds.[11]

HL Tau 76
A white-light light curve light curve for HL Tau 76, adapted from Warner and Nather (1972)[1]
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0 (ICRS)
Constellation Taurus
Right ascension 04h 18m 56.638s[2]
Declination +27° 17′ 48.31″[2]
Apparent magnitude (V) 14.1–15.28[3]
Spectral type DA4.3[4]
B−V color index 0.2[5]
Variable type DAV (ZZ Ceti)[3]
Proper motion (μ) RA: 62.600[2] mas/yr
Dec.: −72.819[2] mas/yr
Parallax (π)20.7244 ± 0.0338 mas[2]
Distance157.4 ± 0.3 ly
(48.25 ± 0.08 pc)
Absolute magnitude (MV)11.69[4]
Mass0.575±0.005[6] M
Radius0.0162[6] R
Luminosity0.00389[6] L
Surface gravity (log g)7.8[7] cgs
Temperature11,375±30[6] K
Other designations
EGGR 265, V411 Tau, WD 0416+272[5]
Database references

The designation HL Tau 76 derives from the discovery of this star as a white dwarf, when it was described as Taurus no.76 in a publication authored by Guillermo Haro and Willem Jacob Luyten.[8] The exact designation HL Tau 76 was then used in subsequent papers, including one giving the star its designation EGGR 265 where it was noted to be variable.[12] It was then included in the 57th name-list of variable stars and given the variable star designation V441 Tauri.[13] The unusual designation HL Tau 76 continues to be used by most authors.[14]

Notes and referencesEdit

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