HK International Comedy Festival

The HK International Comedy Festival is an annual comedy festival in Hong Kong.

Founded by The TakeOut Comedy Club Hong Kong in 2007 for English and Chinese-speaking comedians resident in Hong Kong, the festival has expanded to include comedians from all over the world. There are separate English and Chinese language competitions. The festival also includes a night featuring improvisational comedy.

The 2016 festival will take place between October 13 and November 5.


Hong Kong International Comedy Competition (English Competition)
Year Host Winner 1st Runner Up 2nd Runner Up
2007 Paul Ogata Tom Schmidt Chris Musni Dean Rainey
2008 Tom Cotter Vivek Mahbubani
2009 Kerri Louise Ashley Strand Stuart Schofield Umar Rana
2010 Shecky Wong Andrew Chu GB Labrador Chris Musni
2011 Butch Bradley Tama Churchouse Jinx Yeo Alex Milner
2012 Ruben Paul Rishi Budhrani Joanna Sio Turner Sparks
2013 Paul Ogata Jason Leong Jim Brewsky Ryan Hynek
2014 Tom Cotter Jim Brewsky Alex Milner William Childress
2015 Gina Yashere Drew Fralick Turner Sparks Garron Chiu & Benjamin Quinlan (Tie)
2016 Paul Ogata Hannan Azlan Ben Quinlan Garron Chiu
2017 Ahmed Ahmed Ben Quinlan Andrew Chu Garron Chiu
2018 Barry Hilton Garron Chiu Storm Xu Andy Curtain
2019 *No show held due to Hong Kong Protests
Hong Kong International Comedy Competition (Cantonese Competition)
Year Winner
2007 Vivek Mahbubani
2008 Fab
2009 Yebi Hu
2010 Chris M
2011 Chan Lok Tim
2012 Fab
*2012 was the final year for the Cantonese portion of the Comedy Festival


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