HD 89744 b is an eccentric Jupiter extrasolar planet orbiting the star HD 89744.[1]

HD 89744 b
Discovered byKorzennik et al.
Discovery siteWhipple Observatory
Discovery date2000
Doppler spectroscopy
Orbital characteristics[2]
0.917±0.009 AU
256.78±0.02 d
193.7±0.4 º
Semi-amplitude269.66±1.45 m/s
StarHD 89744
Physical characteristics[2]
Mass≥8.35±0.18 MJ

In a simulation of a 10 million year span, this planet swept away all test particles "except for a narrow region near the 8:3 resonance". There can be no planets in this star's habitable zone. Observation has ruled out any planet over 0.7 Jupiter mass within a year period.[3]

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