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The Hōko Prefecture government building now serves as the Penghu County Government building.

Hōko Prefecture (澎湖廳, Hōko-chō) was one of the administrative divisions of Taiwan during the Japanese occupation from 1895 until 1945. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Penghu County.


Total population 69,387
Japanese 3,619
Taiwanese 65,694
Korean 74
1941 (Showa 16) census.

Administrative divisionsEdit


In 1945 (Shōwa 20), there were 2 subprefectures.

Subprefectures (支廳 shichō)
Name Kanji Kana
Makō Subprefecture 馬公支廳 まこうしちょう
Mōan Subprefecture 望安支廳 もうあんしちょう

Towns and VillagesEdit

The districts are divided into towns (街) and villages (庄)

District Name Kanji Notes
Makō town 馬公街 Today Magong City
Kosei village 湖西庄 Today Huxi Township
Hakusa village 白沙庄 Today Baisha Township
Seisho village 西嶼庄 Today Xiyu Township
Mōan village 望安庄 Today Wang'an Township
Taisho village 大嶼庄 Today Qimei Township

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