Hıncal Uluç

Hıncal Uluç (born 1 November 1939) is a Turkish journalist and writer.

Hıncal Uluç
Born (1939-11-01) 1 November 1939 (age 81)
OccupationJournalist, writer

In 1980, he moved to Istanbul after signing a contract with Gelişim Publishing's owner Ercan Arıklı for publishing a magazine. Later, in 1990 following Zafer Mutlu's suggestion he started for writing for Sabah.[1]

He was shot in the heel after an armed attack in 1994.[2] In 2004, due to an article he wrote about Alaaddin Yüksel, the governor of Antalya, he was sentenced to 1 month in prison and paying ₺898 in 2008.[3] He continues to write for Sabah and has appeared as a commentator on the news program 90.[4]

Following Defne Joy Foster's death, Uluç wrote an article about her neighbor's neglect under the title 'What kind of neighborhood is this?..'[5] for which a lawsuit was filed against him[6] and was eventually sentenced to paying compensation.[7]

In 1985, he wrote the lyrics for the song "Bir Küçük Aşk Masalı" together with Sezen Aksu. The song was performed as a duet by Aksu and Özdemir Erdoğan.[8]



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