Högdalen metro station

Högdalen metro station is on the green line of the Stockholm metro, located in Högdalen, Söderort, Stockholm Municipality. The station was inaugurated on 22 November 1954 as the south terminus of the extension from Stureby. On 13 November 1959, the line was extended south to Rågsved.[2] The distance to Slussen is 7,3 km. Högdalen metro station is connected to Högdalsdepån, a depot for subway trains.

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Stockholm metro station
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Coordinates59°15′50″N 18°02′35″E / 59.2638888889°N 18.0430555556°E / 59.2638888889; 18.0430555556Coordinates: 59°15′50″N 18°02′35″E / 59.2638888889°N 18.0430555556°E / 59.2638888889; 18.0430555556
Owned byStorstockholms Lokaltrafik
Opened22 November 1954
20188,400 boarding per weekday[1]
Preceding station   Stockholm metro   Following station
T19 line
toward Hagsätra
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Högdalsdepån (Högdalen Depot) is a depot for cars of Stockholm metro, opened in 1957 and is connected to Högdalen metro station.


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