Gyula László (Kőhalom, 14 March 1910 – Nagyvárad (today: Oradea) 17 July 1998) was a Hungarian historian, archaeologist and artist.

Gyula László
Gyula László plaque Budapest05.jpg
A commemoration plaque affixed to László's home
Born14 March 1910
Died17 July 1998
Oradea, Romania
Known forTheory on Hungarian "double conquest"

His main work is the novel theory of "double conquest" of the Carpathian Basin by Hungarians in 5th and 9th century. The essence of the theory is that (Pannonian) Avar culture is similar, or sometimes identical to Hungarian culture, so the conquest in circa 895, confirmed by all historians, must have been essentially a second entrance that followed an earlier, broader, less well documented, Avar invasion. This attempts to reconcile Hungarian chronicles, such as Chronicon Pictum with external chronicles mentioning invasions of Pannonian Avars.