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Gyu-Kaku Restaurant

Gyu-Kaku (牛角, gyū kaku, "bull's horn") is a chain of Japanese yakiniku restaurants specializing in Japanese-Korean barbecue. Gyu-Kaku is owned by the Colowide Group, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan.



First entered yakiniku restaurant business in 1996 and opened its first franchised restaurant in 1997 after changing to the current name. The first overseas restaurant was opened in the U.S. in 2001 and the second in Taiwan in 2002.

Current developmentEdit

There are over six hundred Gyu-Kaku locations in Japan,[1] and locations have also been opened in the United States (including New York City, California, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Houston, Hawaii, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, and Atlanta)[2], Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and will open in South Korea. Gyu-kaku is part of Reins International Inc. However, every restaurant is different in terms of region and selection availability.

Gyu-kaku also manufactures and purveys its own brand of kimchi in Japanese supermarkets, and a line of dipping sauces and marinades.

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