Gypsy tart

A gypsy tart is a type of tart made with evaporated milk, muscovado sugar (though some varieties include light brown sugar), and pastry. It originates from the Isle of Sheppey in the county of Kent.[1] There is a legend that it was invented by a woman who wanted to feed hungry Romani children.

Gypsy tart
Kentish Gypsy tart.jpg
Place of originEngland
Region or stateIsle of Sheppey, Kent
Serving temperatureDessert
Main ingredientsPastry, evaporated milk or condensed milk, muscovado or brown sugar

The tart is extremely sweet and is, for many people, associated with school dinners. Although most will know the version of gypsy tart made with evaporated milk, it can also be made with condensed milk in place of evaporated milk. This makes a firmer and even sweeter tart, with a darker colour.[2]


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