The term Gyp-hop has many origins and connotations. However, it is generally understood[who?] that in the last few years it has come to mean a much interpreted and ambiguous hybrid of Gypsy music and Hip-Hop.

Although it may be used a lot by various bands, groups, comedians and musical acts, the term was initially coined in the 2006 comedy show "Around the World on 80 Quid" by Irish travelling entertainer Aindrias de Staic in one of his now famous sketches where he combines spoken word in Irish gypsy chant with a fast-paced gypsy fiddle tune live on stage.[1] De Staic continues to use the term liberally to describe his brand of comedy, music, spoken work and fiddle playing.

Other acts associated with Gyp-Hop have been That 1 Guy, The Rubberbandits, Tim Scanlan, Franky and the Plexicats, The Latchikos,[2] Ohrbooten, and Homeless Shakespeare (& The Pigeon Theatre).

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