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Gymnastics at the 1972 Summer Olympics – Men's artistic team all-around

These are the results of the men's team all-around competition, one of eight events for male competitors in artistic gymnastics at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. The compulsory and optional rounds took place on August 27 and 29 at the Sports Hall.



The final score for each team was determined by combining all of the scores earned by the team on each apparatus during the compulsory and optional rounds. If all six gymnasts on a team performed a routine on a single apparatus during compulsories or optionals, only the five highest scores on that apparatus counted toward the team total.

Rank Team Total
    Japan (JPN) 571.250
    Soviet Union (URS) 564.050
    East Germany (GDR) 559.700
4   Poland (POL) 551.100
5   West Germany (FRG) 546.400
6   North Korea (PRK) 545.050
7   Romania (ROU) 538.900
8   Hungary (HUN) 538.600
9   Czechoslovakia (TCH) 538.550
10   United States (USA) 533.850
11   Switzerland (SUI) 533.000
12   Yugoslavia (YUG) 530.100
13   France (FRA) 522.650
14   Cuba (CUB) 519.900
15   Bulgaria (BUL) 516.350
16   Italy (ITA) 510.100