The Gyeongju Choe clan (Korean경주 최씨; Hanja慶州 崔氏) is a Korean clan, with a bon-gwan located in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province. According to a census from 2015, the population of the Gyeongju Choe clan is 945,005 in South Korea.[1] The apical ancestor of the Gyeongju Choe clan is Choe Chiwon, a Confucian scholar and official during the Unified Silla period.[2]

Gyeongju Choe clan
Current regionGyeongju
FounderChoe Chiwon
Connected membersChoe Eon-wi
Choi Beom-gyu (TXT) Choi Seung-cheol (Seventeen)

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