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Gwandu, also called Gando, is a town and emirate in Kebbi State, Nigeria. The seat of government for the emirate[1][2] and district of this name is in Birnin Kebbi, which is the capital of Kebbi State and was capital of the historical Kingdom of Kebbi.[3] Founded in the sixteenth century by the Kabbawa, a Hausa-speaking people, Gwandu today acts as one of the four emirates composing Kebbi State.[4]


LGA and town
land of farmers and readers
Gwandu is located in Nigeria
Coordinates: 12°30′8″N 4°38′33″E / 12.50222°N 4.64250°E / 12.50222; 4.64250Coordinates: 12°30′8″N 4°38′33″E / 12.50222°N 4.64250°E / 12.50222; 4.64250
Country Nigeria
StateKebbi State
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

The town became important during the Fulani jihad, and from 1815 it was one of the two capitals of the Fulani empire[5] until it came under British control in 1903.[6][7][8]


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