Guy Wilkerson

Guy Wilkerson (1899–1971) was an American actor, known primarily for his roles in Western B movies, who was born December 21, 1899, in Whitewright, Texas, USA. He was a former vaudevillian and burlesque performer when he began making films in 1937.

With his tall, lanky frame, he often played sidekick or comedy relief parts. He was one-third of the Texas Rangers in the Rangers series of films, alongside Dave O'Brien in all 22 of the film's series from 1942 to 1945. James Newill was his other co-star in the first 14 of the series. Tex Ritter replaced Jim for the concluding eight entries in the series.

Wilkerson played Panhandle Perkins in all 22 films. He later made the move to television, appearing in shows such as The Lone Ranger, The Twilight Zone, Thriller, Maverick, Gunsmoke, The Fugitive, Green Acres, and Adam-12. Wilkerson died July 15, 1971, in Hollywood, California.

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Scene from 1946 Western Abilene Town with actors (from left) Randolph Scott, Wilkerson, and Edgar Buchanan

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