Gutta-percha Boy

Gutta-percha Boy (Russian: Гуттаперчевый мальчик, romanizedGuttaperchevyy malchik) is a 1957 Soviet drama film adaptation of the novel by Russian writer Dmitry Grigorovich.

Gutta-percha Boy
Gutta-percha Boy.jpg
Directed byVladimir Gerasimov
Produced byValentin Maslov
Written byMikhail Volpin
StarringSasha Popov
Alexey Gribov
Mikhail Nazvanov
Music byAntonio Spadavecchia
CinematographyGalina Pyshkova
Edited byAnna Kulganek
Release date
August 27, 1957 (1957-08-27)
Running time
76 min
Country Soviet Union


The film is set in the end of the XIX century.

Petya, is an eight-year orphan who has been given into training to the German acrobat Karl Becker, who with curses and beatings introduces his new assistant to the circus profession and ruthlessly exploits the child in his performances. The only consolation which brightens the harsh life of the gutta-percha boy, as Petya is referred to on the posters, is the concern of the carpet clown Edwards, who pities the orphan and secretly teaches him the real art of the circus... During one of the performances, Petya while performing a difficult trick on Becker's demand, falls from a high altitude on the eyes of the public.


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