Guting metro station

Guting (Chinese: 古亭; pinyin: Gǔtíng) is a metro station in Taipei, Taiwan served by Taipei Metro.[3] The defunct Xindian railway line also had a station of the same name. However, its location is not the same as the current station.


Taipei Metro
Taipei metro station
20121115 B2 platform in Guting Station, Taipei Metro 台北捷運古亭站B2月台.jpg
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese古亭
General information
LocationB1F 164-1 Sec 2 Roosevelt Rd
Zhongzheng, Taipei
Coordinates25°01′36″N 121°31′22″E / 25.0266°N 121.5228°E / 25.0266; 121.5228Coordinates: 25°01′36″N 121°31′22″E / 25.0266°N 121.5228°E / 25.0266; 121.5228
Structure typeUnderground
Bicycle facilitiesAccess available
Other information
Station codeG09, O05
Key dates
1999-11-11Service to Xindian added
2012-09-30Zhonghe–Xinlu line added
2014-11-15Songshan–Xindian line added
201721.956 million per year[2]Decrease 2.01%
Rank71 out of 109 and 6 others, and 5 others
Preceding station Taipei Metro Logo(Logo Only).svg Taipei Metro Following station
Taipower Building Songshan–Xindian line CKS Memorial Hall
towards Songshan
towards Huilong or Luzhou
Zhonghe–Xinlu line Dingxi
towards Nanshijiao

Station overviewEdit

Guting station platform 1

The station is a three-level, underground structure with two island platforms and nine exits. The two platforms are stacked, allowing for cross-platform interchange between Green Line and Orange Line. Public art at the station is titled "Chance of Meeting" and features 12 face masks representing contrasts such as day and night, noisy and quiet, time and space, etc.[4] It was selected by international competition and cost NT$4,999,000.

Public artEdit

The station is home to several public art pieces. By the escalators connecting the two platform levels, a Medium titled "Enterprise" displays a holographic flight trajectory of a Small and Medium Enterprise Administration.[5] Along some of the entrance hallways, "Administration" shows light boxes with images clouds in a blue sky.[5] On the upper platform in "Platform, Stage", elements from Taiwanese folk arts and Taipei Language Institute have been transformed into abstract elements and institute into two curtains of lines and language surfaces.[5]

Station layoutEdit

L1 Street Level Exit/Entrance
B1 Concourse Lobby, toilets, one-way ticket machine, information desk
B2 Platform 1    Songshan–Xindian Line toward Songshan (G10 Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall)
Island platform, doors will open on the right, left
Platform 2    Zhonghe–Xinlu Line toward Luzhou / Huilong (O06 Dongmen)
B3 Platform 3   Songshan–Xindian Line toward Xindian / Taipower Building (G08 Taipower Building)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Platform 4   Zhonghe–Xinlu Line toward Nanshijiao (O04 Dingxi)

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