Gustav Heinrich von Bongard

August Gustav Heinrich von Bongard (12 September 1786 – 1839) was a German botanist who worked in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Gustav Heinrich von Bongard
Born(1786-09-12)12 September 1786
Bonn, Germany
Known forFirst description of Sitka Spruce, Red Alder and other species; Observations sur la végétation de l'ile de Sitcha
Scientific career
InstitutionsSaint Petersburg, Russia
Author abbrev. (botany)Bong.

Born in Bonn, he was among the first botanists to describe the new plants then being discovered in Alaska (under Russian ownership at the time), including species now of major commercial importance like Sitka Spruce and Red Alder. The specimens he described were mostly collected by Carl Mertens at Sitka, Alaska.

The plant genus Bongardia (family Berberidaceae) is named in his honor.[1]

Selected writingsEdit

  • Observations sur la végétation de l'ile de Sitcha, 1833
  • Esquisse historique des travaux sur la botanique entrepris en Russie depuis, 1834
  • Genera plantarum ad familias suas redacta (with Carl Bernhard von Trinius), 1835.
  • "Historical Sketch of the Progress of Botany in Russia from the Time of Peter the Great to the Present Day", (translated from the "Recueil Des Actes de Pétersbourg de 1834"); Curtis's Botanical Magazine. Companion to the Botanical Magazine ... By W.J. Hooker. Vol. 1. pp. 117–186, (1836)
  • Plantae quatuor brasilienses novae (with Carl Bernhard von Trinius), 1839.
  • Verzeichniß der im Jahre 1838 am Saisang-Nor und am Irtysch gesammelten Pflanzen, A second supplement to "Flora Altaica" (with Carl Anton von Meyer and Karl Friedrich von Ledebour), 1841.[2]


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