Gustaf Johan Billberg

Gustaf Johan Billberg (14 June 1772, Karlskrona – 26 November 1844, Stockholm) was a Swedish botanist, zoologist and anatomist, although professionally and by training he was a lawyer and used science and biology as an avocation. The plant genus Billbergia was named for him by Carl Peter Thunberg.[1][2]


In 1790 he earned his legal degree at the University of Lund, later working as an auditor at the audit chamber in Stockholm from 1793. In 1798 he became a member of the county administrative board (landskamrerare) in Visby. In 1808 he returned to Stockholm, where from 1812 to 1837, he served as a member of the administrative court (kammarrättsråd). He was promoted in 1824 to head the ministry of the Board of Customs (generaltullstyrelsen).[3]

In 1812, he purchased the right of publishing to the precious work of Svensk Botanik from the estate of Johan Wilhelm Palmstruch. He subsequently prepared two parts for publication during 1812-1919. He was elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1817.[2]

Selected worksEdit

Billberg was the author of the following works:

  • Monographia mylabridum (1813)[4]
  • Ekonomisk botanik (1815)[5]
  • Enumeratio insectorum in museo (1820)[6]
  • Synopsis Faunae Scandinaviae (1827).[7]


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