Gustaf Carlson, Count of Börringe and Lindholm

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Count Gustaf Carlson (1646 – 1 January 1708) was a nobleman and military officer. He was the eldest illegitimate son of Charles X Gustav of Sweden and his mistress Märta Allertz.[1][2]

Gustaf Carlson
Gustav Carlson (1647) c 1690.png
Portrait by unknown artist from c. 1690
Military service
AllegianceSweden Sweden
Dutch Republic Dutch Republic
Kingdom of England Kingdom of England
Years of service1667–1690
RankLieutenant general
Stockholm, Sweden
Died1 January 1708(1708-01-01) (aged 61)
Terherne, Dutch Republic
Isabella-Susanna von Schwartzenberg
(m. 1685)
HouseHouse of Carlson
DynastyWittelsbach (illegitimate branch)
FatherCharles X Gustav
MotherMärta Allertz


Parentage and early lifeEdit

He was first raised by Baron Carl Gyllenhielm, the illegitimate son of king Charles IX of Sweden. After Carl Gyllenheim's pasing in 1650, he was raised by Samuel Enander, Bishop of Linköping, and by 1660, after the death of king Charles X Gustav, he also found himself under protection by the Queen dowager Hedwig Eleonora, whom bacame his guardian, with her stating that it was made " the heartfelt remembrance of his [past] lord".[1][2]

Erik Lindschöld led his studies and in 1659–1668 accompanied him on a journey through Germany, the Netherlands, England, France and Italy.[1][2]

Officer and commandEdit

By his 21st birthday in 1667, he joined the army of the Dutch Republic and fought in the Franco-Dutch War, until he returened to Sweden in 1674. During his absence in 1673, he was appointed colonel in the Uppland Regiment. During the Scanian War of 1675–79, Gustaf Carlson participated with distinction in the Battle of Lund and at Rügen in 1678, where he was head of an enlisted regiment.[2]

In 1679 he was captured by Brandenburgian forces, and was sent back to Stockholm in 1680. But he soon abandoned Sweden after he bacame dissolutioned after a couple of more years, probably out of outrage at not having received a privy council office, and that in the Great Reduction of his brother he was deprived of the large estates of Börringe and Lindholm, which he had received from his father.[2]

William of Orange and later lifeEdit

He soon went into Dutch war service. There he became a lieutenant general and married in 1685 at Ameland, he later accompanied William of Orange on his voyage to England, during the Glorious Revolution of 1688, and there fought by his side in the Williamite War in Ireland during 1690 as a close confidant of the king. He later went on to spend the remainder of his life in the Dutch province of Friesland, where he died without any surviving children in 1708 at his castle in Terherne, Boarnsterhim.[2]

Personal lifeEdit

Coat of Arms of the Count of Carlson.

By 1674 he had been elevated to the rank of count being given the name Gustaf Carlson, with Carlson as the house name of the comital family and with Börringe and Lindholmen as its counties. He was married to Baroness Isabella-Susanna von Schwartzenberg and their only child, a daughter, died before she had been baptized.[1][2]




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