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Guriaso is a language of Papua New Guinea. Only described in 1983, it appears to be distantly related to the Kwomtari and Nai languages. (See Kwomtari languages for details.) It is spoken in Guriaso ward (3°34′52″S 141°35′32″E / 3.581107°S 141.592197°E / -3.581107; 141.592197 (Guriaso)), Amanab Rural LLG, Sandaun Province.[3][4]

RegionPapua New Guinea
Native speakers
160 (2003)[1]
  • Guriaso–Yale
    • Guriaso
Language codes
ISO 639-3grx
Coordinates: 3°34′52″S 141°35′32″E / 3.581107°S 141.592197°E / -3.581107; 141.592197 (Guriaso)


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