Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli is an entrepreneur, economist, author born in 1956 in Antwerp (Belgium). He is known for his main work, The Blue Economy.[1]

Gunter Pauli
Born(1956-03-03)March 3, 1956
Antwerp, Belgium.
Known forThe Blue Economy
Spouse(s)Katherina Bach
Children6 (five sons and one daughter)

He has lived on 4 continents, is fluent in 7 languages, is a resident of Japan since 1994 and spends most of his time in South Africa.[2]


Gunter Pauli holds a degree in economics from Loyola University (today University of Antwerp) in 1979 in Belgium and an MBA from INSEAD at Fontainebleau (France) in 1982. [3][4]

Pauli’s entrepreneurial activities span culture, science, politics, business and the environment. [5][6]

Pauli is a member of The Club of Rome and served three years since 2017 as an elected member of the Executive Committee.[7]

Pauli has served as an advisor for governments in Spain,[8][9][10] Argentina[11][12] and Italy.[13]

Gunter Pauli visiting Shanghai, Blue Economy-10 Years 100 Innovations 100 Mil Jobs, November 2012

He has also worked as an author, notably of The Blue Economy. He assisted Aurelio Peccei, founder of the Club of Rome from 1979 to 1984 and later wrote a biography about him.[14]

In 1989 he was elected as an independent substitute to the European Parliament, but never took up the seat.[15]

Former chairman of Ecover, an ecological detergent company, before realizing in 1990 that its components - palm oil in particular - destroy primary forests, he is nicknamed the "Steve Jobs of sustainable development", or even the "Che Guevara of biodiversity ”, or “the apostle of sustainable growth ”. [16][17][18][19]

Blue EconomyEdit

Gunter Pauli is committed to design and implement a competitive business model which respond to people’s needs using what is locally available. He introduced “The Blue Economy” philosophy in 1994 when asked by the United Nations to reflect on the business models of the future in preparation for COP 3 in Japan where the Kyoto Protocol was decided. [20][21]

ZERI (Zero Emission Research Initiatives)Edit

In 1994 Pauli founded the Zero Emissions Research Initiative (ZERI).[22]


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