Gunslinger (TV series)

Gunslinger is a Western television series starring Tony Young that aired on the CBS television network from February 9 until May 18, 1961 on Thursdays from 9 to 10 p.m. EST. The series theme song was sung by Frankie Laine.

StarringTony Young
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes12
Running time60 minutes
Original networkCBS
Picture formatBlack and white (1961)
Original releaseFebruary 9 –
June 3, 1961

Young played Cord, a young gunfighter who works undercover for the local army garrison commander, acting as a secret law enforcement agent in the territory. The series lasted for only twelve episodes.

Gunslinger was the successor to Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater.


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Episode # Episode title Original airdate Episode Summary
1-1 "The Border Incident" February 9, 1961 Cord goes undercover to hunt down a former medical officer charged with torturing and starving prisoners of war.
1-2 "The Hostage Fort" February 16, 1961 On assignment for the commandant of Fort Scott, prevents the populace of a neighboring community from lynching a man (Jack Elam) by turning him over to the Army.
1-3 "Appointment in Cascabel" February 23, 1961 Amby is kidnapped by a Mexican bandit who asks for a ransom that equals the price on his head.
1-4 "The Zone" March 2, 1961 A town caught in a border dispute between the United States and Mexico because of a shift in the flow of the Rio Grande becomes a zone for the lawless.
1-5 "Rampage" March 16, 1961 A former Confederate Army major escapes from military confinement at Fort Scott with U.S. Army uniforms, and uses them to outfit his own men.
1-6 "The Recruit" March 23, 1961 A lost shipment of Confederate Army silver bars spurs Cord on a hunt which ends in murder.
1-7 "Road of the Dead" March 30, 1961 Cord engages in a hunt for a killer he believes to be his own father.
1-8 "Golden Circle" April 13, 1961 A dangerous killer is released from prison in order to lead Cord to a large sum of currency stolen from the Union Army during the Civil War.
1-9 "The Diehards" April 20, 1961 An army patrol and several troopers are slain under mysterious circumstances.
1-10 "Johnny Sergeant" May 4, 1961 A community, irate over the rowdy off-duty activities of the military, helps convict an innocent Native American soldier of attacking a woman.
1-11 "The Death of Yellow Singer" May 11, 1961 A Navajo girl, turned over to the army for killing a Native American leader, would rather die than reveal the reasons for her act.
1-12 "The New Savannah Story" May 18, 1961 A group of Southern women, survivors of the Civil War, try to establish a cotton plantation in the Arizona territory.

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