Gunsho Ruijū

Gunsho Ruijū (群書類従) is a collection of old Japanese books on Japanese literature and history assembled by Hanawa Hokiichi (塙保己一) with the support of the Bakufu.

Cover page of the 16th volume of a 1901 edition of Gunsho Ruiju

The first series in 1819 has 25 subjects with 1273 works. A modern print edition was published in 19 volumes from 1894 to 1912.

A second series of another 2103 texts was created by his son Hanawa Tadatomi (塙忠宝) from 1821 under the title Zoku Gunsho Ruijū (続群書類従). Another series, the Zoku Zoku Gunsho Ruijū (続々群書類従), was assembled in two parts, the first with 16 subjects in 1903-4 in 5 volumes, the second in 1906-9 with 304 sources in 16 volumes. Shin Gunsho Ruijū (ja:新群書類従) was printed in 1906-08 in 10 volumes.

Another text collection begun by Hanawa Tadatomi is the Dai Nihon Shiryō

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