Gum catalog

The Gum catalog is an astronomical catalog of 84 emission nebulae in the southern sky. It was made by the Australian astronomer Colin Stanley Gum (1924-1960) at Mount Stromlo Observatory using wide field photography. Gum published his findings in 1955 in a study entitled A study of diffuse southern H-alpha nebulae which presented a catalog of 84 nebulae or nebular complexes. Similar catalogs include the Sharpless catalog and the RCW catalog, and many of the Gum objects are repeated in these other catalogs. However, the RCW and Gum catalogs were mainly of the southern hemisphere (Mount Stromlo is in the southern hemisphere)

Gum catalog
The star formation region Gum 41.jpg
The star formation region Gum 41.
Survey typeastronomical catalog Edit this on Wikidata
Targetemission nebula Edit this on Wikidata
OrganizationMount Stromlo Observatory Edit this on Wikidata
Named afterColin Stanley Gum Edit this on Wikidata
Published1955 Edit this on Wikidata

The Gum Nebula is named for Gum, who discovered it as Gum 12; it is an emission nebula that can be found in the southern constellations Vela and Puppis.


Gum A common name Images Names & Designations
Gum 4 NGC 2359   Thor's Helmet, Gum 4, Sharpless 298, NGC 2359
Gum 15 RCW 32   Gum 15, Star Formation Region
Gum 16 Vela Supernova Remnant Gum 16, Vela Supernova Remnant
Gum 20 RCW 36   RCW 36
Gum 29 RCW 49   Gum 29, RCW 49
Gum 60 NGC 6302   Sh2-6, NGC 6302, Bug Nebula,

PK 349+01 1, Butterfly Nebula, RCW 124, Caldwell 69

Gum 64 NGC 6334   ESO 392-EN 009, Sharpless 8, RCW 127, Gum 64, NGC 6334
Gum 66 NGC 6357   Sh2-11, NGC 6357, RCW 131, Gum 66, War and Peace Nebula
Gum 72 Lagoon Nebula   Sh2 25, RCW 146, Gum 72, Messier 8
Gum 76 Trifid Nebula   Sh2 30, M20, NGC 6514, RCW 147, Gum 76
Gum 81 Omega Nebula   Omega Nebula, M17, NGC 6618, Swan Nebula, Sharpless 45, RCW 160, Gum 81
Gum 83 Eagle Nebula   Sh2 49, Messier 16, NGC 6611, RCW 165, Gum 83



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