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Gulong ng Palad (lit. Wheel of the Palm [of the Hand], figuratively Wheel of Fate) is a Philippine radio drama series (1949-1956), which first aired by DZRH and soap opera hit from 1977 up to 1985 (originally aired by BBC-2, then formerly City 2 Television from 1977 to 1979 and reverted in 1983 until 1985 and RPN from 1979 to 1983). On January 9, 2006, the drama series came back in television under the direction of Eric Salud and Jerome Pobocan.

Gulong ng Palad
Gulong ng Palad-titlecard.jpg
Gulong ng Palad official title card
Developed byRoldeo T. Endrinal
Written byReggie Amigo
Directed byErick C. Salud
Jerome C. Pobocan
StarringKristine Hermosa
TJ Trinidad
Opening theme"Gulong ng Palad" by Jerome Sala
Country of originPhilippines
No. of episodes88
Executive producer(s)Joan Del Rosario
Running time30-40 minutes
Production company(s)Dreamscape Entertainment Television
Original networkABS-CBN
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseJanuary 9 (2006-01-09) –
May 12, 2006 (2006-05-12)

The television series can be watched regularly on ABS-CBN from Monday to Friday after TV Patrol World (now TV Patrol). The show also aired simultaneously on The Filipino Channel.

This show aired from January 9, 2006 to May 12, 2006.



Even as children, Luisa and Carding were not allowed to be friends because of their different social classes, with Carding's family being a prominent wealthy member in their town and Luisa's mother a laundrywoman. So when Carding's father dies his mom, Menang Medel, decides to take him away to the U.S. Although they promised to write to each other, Carding doesn't fulfill his promise, leading Luisa to distrust him and become determined to stay away from him when he returned ten years later.

Menang Medel does not approve of Luisa because of her social class and is always encouraging Carding to date Mimi, the rich daughter of her friend Dona Carmen, who if they married would help her gain the mayor candidacy and her wealth. Yet when Carding gets into an accident, Luisa can no longer deny the love she feels for him but with her family encouraging her to stay away from Carding, they decide to keep their relationship a secret. While they try to keep their relationship hidden Luisa's brother, Totoy, tries to keep his love hidden from tomboy Jojo, because of his family obligations, which will get even harder as Tomas, their father, his secret about his heart condition comes out.

When both families find out about the relationship, Luisa gets pressured into breaking it off with Carding. Although Idad, Luisa's mom, doesn't approve she stands up for her daughter when Menang Medel demeans Luisa. Then when Luisa finally breaks it off with Carding they get caught in a storm and have to seek refuge in a cave while everyone believes they have eloped. When they try to explain, Idad doesn't want to hear it and tells Luisa to leave, while Menang is also furious yet must ask Carding to marry her in the hopes of saving the family's reputation for the mayor position.

After they marry life becomes even harder for Luisa. Her mother has not forgiven her, Carding goes off to Manila for school leaving Luisa in the evil hands of Menang Medel, and when she finally stands up for herself Carding sees, only for his mother to say that Luisa has been the cruel one. Carding becomes stuck between the two most important women in his life and doesn't know whom to believe and turns to Mimi who uses his vulnerability to her advantage.

Carding feels guilty about sleeping with Mimi and avoids going home to face Luisa, whom his mother is saying is having an affair Diego, Jojo's brother. To make matters worse Menang has Tomas fired, the worry of what will happen to his family causes him to have a heart attack and die. This causes Luisa to be reunited with her family, as Idad, Totoy and Nene forgives her, and to publicly blame Menang for her father's heartache, causing Menang to lose the Mayor position.

With the separation of the couple, Mimi seduces Carding leading to an affair, while Diego confesses his love for Luisa. When she rejects him, he attempts to rape her, he goes to jail for his attempt, and then to the hospital when his attempted jailbreak gets him stabbed. When it seems that Carding wants to start over once again with Luisa when he learns she is pregnant, Mimi goes to Diego on his deathbed to offer him money in exchange for him lying to Carding claiming that him and Luisa have been having an affair and it is his baby, which he does in order to provide for Jojo when he is gone, Carding believes these lies and is furious with Luisa. Luckily, Jojo had read a letter from Diego himself before his death, saying that he and Luisa didn't have an affair and in fact, Mimi told him to tell this rumor to Carding in order to ruin Luisa's reputation and she'd win his (Carding's) heart. Meanwhile, Menang becomes destitute after not winning the elections, and when the debts become too high she burns down her house to tries to gain the insurance money but gets injured in the fire and is left homeless instead. Menang finally experiences the poor side of life and makes her realize how badly she treated the poor (especially Luisa and her family.)

Mimi pretends that she is pregnant but when her mother finds out she cuts her off financially until she decides to go back with her to America. While Luisa and her family decide to start over in Manila to leave their troubles behind, It is the first time that they are finally happy for a long time. While Carding finally realizes how much he loves Luisa but is ashamed about the way he treated her. In the end Mimi gets punished for all her misdeeds, Luisa and Carding are reunited, the whole family make peace, and Jojo and Totoy start dating. Totoy also put up a new restaurant in Sta. Lucia, with the promise together with Luisa since they were young to their parents.

Gulong ng Palad title card, used for opening of the series.


Main castEdit

  • Kristine Hermosa as Luisa Santos-Medel - A girl at the young age, Luisa is very loving and caring towards her family. She and Lorraine team up to make Isabelle's life miserable. Fate to her mother's turning, her life and her sibling revolves around the bright lights and the deceased of her fans. Idad knows she is adopted, but she does not yearn for her parents because Luisa loves her dearly. Luisa earns a meager living in a changing stand. She gives her all to her eldest daughters.
  • TJ Trinidad as Ricardo "Carding" Medel - Luisa's cousin from a wealthy seduction, Carding is darkest favor with Diego only to get the insurance of hate and is niece of Diego. Carding is out of words. He leaves him without saying accepted to her, killed to Carding. He resolves to Diego that she loves him even though he's in a coma. Start to break and they are caught up in the wheel. They seek shatter in a fate. Their families are bragging and news goes around that they have erupted.
  • Cherie Gil as Philomena "Menang" Medel - Carding's mother and a wealthy socialite, Menang despises poor people, seeing them as gold diggers and doesn't approve Carding on dating Luisa. Menang is encouraging Carding to date Mimi as their marriage will help boast her campaign for mayor. In the end Menang attempted to burn her house down to get the insurance money, but was discovered and was left homeless and injured, Menang began experiencing the poor life and began to realize the error of her ways. She asked Luisa's family for forgiveness and they accepted, even allowing her to live with them. She has become the grandmother of Carding and Luisa's child.
  • Andrea del Rosario as Mimi Sandoval - A girl coming from a wealthy family, Mimi was deeply infatuated with Carding (only to acquire his family's wealth for her own gain) and is jealous of Luisa. As the series goes on, Mimi has become a deranged psychopath and she's willing to resort through murder, blackmails, and manipulation in order to accomplish her tasks. She was later discovered and was arrested for her crimes, she was later bailed out by her mother Carmen. Mimi is set out to finish what she started, killing Luisa. She sneaked into Jojo's house and knock her unconscious and acquire the address to Luisa's place. She sneaked into her house and attempts to kill her but Carding subdues Mimi and saves Luisa, just he is about to take Luisa to the hospital and call 911, Mimi knocks him unconscious with a tire iron. Mimi attempts to kill herself and Carding, seeing that if she can't have him [even his family's wealth] then no one will, but they were involved in an accident which results Mimi losing her legs. Mimi was arrested yet again for attempting murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Mimi's mother Carmen can only watch as her daughter is being abused by the female inmates.

Supporting castEdit

Extended and Guest castEdit

RPN/BBC/City2 CastEdit

Season 1 EpisodesEdit

Week 2Edit

Original Airdate Season Episode # Mega Manila Rating
September 28, 2009 1 2 28.9%
Mimi bribes the school by buying computers and wins the valedictorian scholarship to attend college.

Luisa comes second and does not get a scholarship to college. Luisa goes to her and Carding's childhood place and cries.

Carding passes their childhood place but on entering Luisa has already left.

Carding accepts Mimi's invitation to attend the valedictorian ball.

Idad (Luisa's mother) makes Luisa a beautiful dress for the ball. Mimi is jealous and makes it dirty.

Luisa runs home but Carding hears her friend Saling call her. He runs to Luisa.

Luisa and Carding are very happy to see each other. Mimi sees this and tries to take Carding away. Carding tells Mimi he only went to the ball because he wanted to see Luisa. Mimi is furious and starts drinking.

Carding asks Luisa for a dance and she accepts. ('Love is in the air'.)

Mimi is mad and pours a drink in Luisa's face.

Luisa tells her friend Saling that she is in love with Carding.

Menang (Carding's mother) wants to sell her jewels. It is as if they are running out of money, but she cannot accept it.

Carding's mother hears the news about the ball and tells Carding to consider being with Mimi (as her family is rich), and not Luisa who is a laundrywoman's daughter.

Carding warns Mimi to never reveal his secret and will never consider her as a friend if she does.

Luisa goes to do her mother's chores at Carding's house. Menang comes over and warns her to remember that she is a laundrywoman's daughter.

September 29, 2009 1 3 28.9%
Menang tells Idad to tell her daughter to stay away from Carding.

Mimi asks Carding to go out with her. He refuses but Medel tells him to let Mimi show him around. On the way, Carding sees Luisa. Mimi tries to knock her over and Luisa falls in the mud. Carding tells Mimi to take him home and he becomes angry at her. He goes back to apologise to Luisa.

Later Carding tells Mimi to apologise to Luisa if she still wants to be Carding's friend.

Nene (Luisa's sister) is jealous about how her family neglects her and favors Luisa. She tries to steal money that is being saved for Luisa to attend college. Totoy (Luisa's brother) gets sick and is taken to the hospital but the family don't have money to treat him. Idad begs Medel if she can borrow some money but she is given very little. Mimi overhears their conversation and decides to help just to please Carding.

Luisa asks for a job in Mimi's house and Mimi mistreats her. Idad asks Luisa if Carding is courting her but she says they are just friends. Idad tells her not to see him again because the difference in their statuses will bring problems.

Carding takes Luisa to see their old train but Mimi sees them and tells Idad, who becomes angry.

September 30, 2006 1 4 29.3%
Luisa is punished by Idad. She tells Carding that she was just pretending to be lovers and that they are only friends.

Carding goes to Mimi and asks if she can convince Luisa to be lovers. Mimi does the opposite. Medel mortgages her house and she meets up with Simone who tells her to get into politics to recover her money. Luisa continues to ignore Carding even though she still loves him to avoid hurting her mother and family.

October 1, 2009 1 5 29.3%
Carding tries but fails to ignore Luisa based on Mimi's advice that she will apologize and come back to him.

As Luisa walks down the street with Saling they meet Diego who is new in town and turns out to be Luisa's neighbor. Luisa is surprised by Diego even though she still cares about Carding.

Carding follows Luisa and warns her that if she won't talk to him he will have to die by lying down over the train tracks. The train comes and Luisa screams that she will talk to him.

Carding sees Diego talking to Luisa and Saling and later confronts him out of jealousy. Carding is happy about Luisa and tells Mimi who gets mad. She takes it out on Luisa by overworking her. As Luisa leaves late in the night she sees Carding waiting for her and gets into his car. Idad and Tomas (Luisa's father) see Carding's car but cannot see who Carding is with. When asked Carding claims he was with Mimi who later accepts that it was her. To show his appreciation Carding accepts her invitation to play golf. Idad apologises to Luisa for doubting her.

Week 3Edit

Original Airdate Season Episode # Mega Manila Rating
October 6, 2009 1 6 28.9%
Carding decides to tell Luisa that he loves her. Mimi tries to set them up to be caught.

Luisa avoids Carding but he tricks her to a romantic date where he tells Luisa that he loves her. Luisa is out of words. She leaves him without saying what she feels.

Medel is becoming increasingly bankrupt. She decides to run for mayor.

Tomas is stressed about the family's finances and discovers that he has a heart problem.

Diego becomes close with Luisa's family and they come to love him.

October 7, 2009 1 7 28.9%
Carding again tries to ask Lusia if she loves him and she says no even though she does.

Carding is distraught and speeds on his motorbike and gets into an accident.

Medel runs for mayor but despises the poor.

Saling informs Luisa's family about Carding's accident and Luisa becomes worried. Luisa sneaks out with Saling at night to visit Carding. She confesses to Carding that she loves him even though he's in a coma.

Menang wants to stop running for mayor because she is worried about her son.

October 7, 2009 1 8 28.9%
Carding recovers and he asks if Luisa visited. Menang lies and says that she did not, but that Mimi was there all day and night with him.

Luisa is happy that Carding is fine but thinks twice about the promise she made that she will tell Carding that she loves him.

It seems as if Totoy is in love with Jojo (Diego's sister).

Menang decides to continue running for mayor.

Menang asks Carding why he and Luisa are not talking and if Luisa is the cause of the accident. Carding says no and that everything between them is over because Luisa doesn't love him.

Luisa wants to talk to Carding but is afraid of her mother and Carding's mother.

October 8, 2009 1 9 28.9%
While Carding is recovering he keeps hearing Luisa talking to him.

Carding resolves to go to college in the city with Mimi.

Carding finally talks with Luisa and she admits that she loves him. He is so happy that he cancels his trip to study in the city and Mimi cancels too.

Both Carding and Luisa are happy but know that their mothers will not like the decision.

Totoy and Jojo are not on good terms because Totoy refers to Jojo as a tomboy.

Tomas is having heart problems but doesn't want his family to know.

Week 4Edit

Original Airdate Season Episode # Mega Manila Rating
October 12, 2009 1 10 28.9%
Carding confronts Mimi about whether she is really trying to manipulate them but she convinces him that she is not.

Menang holds a party and Luisa is asked to help. Luisa meets with Cading in the bathroom but they are not found out of sheer luck.

Carding and Luisa overhear Mimi telling her friends about her plans to manipulate them. Carding now believes Luisa's warning that he should not trust Mimi.

October 13, 2009 1 11 28.9%
Carding picks a fight with Diego outside Luisa's house. Luisa's family is mad at Carding.

Carding goes home angry but lies to his mother that it is because Mimi rejected him.

Luisa goes with her mother to Mimi's house as she had lied about still working there.

Carding goes to see Luisa to explain that he had lied to his mother about Mimi being his girlfriend. They hug each other and promise to see each other later to celebrate Luisa's birthday. Unfortunately Mimi overhears and later manipulates Idad to pick up Luisa to go home. Mimi feels happy knowing that Carding will wait all night for Luisa in vain.

October 14, 2009 1 12 28.9%
Carding goes to Luisa's home to give her his present.

Tomas sees them but he understands.

Carding and Luisa meet but they change their venue knowing that Mimi had discovered their old one.

Carding and Luisa bump into Menang and Carding accepts that Luisa is his girlfriend. Menang is furious with them, especially Luisa who she refers to as a gold digger.

Idad is mad at Luisa for lying to her and being together with Carding. She grounds Luisa.

Carding goes to Luisa's house to beg them to forgive Luisa but he is not welcomed there.

October 15, 2009 1 13 28. 9%
Idad goes to warn Menang but they start arguing. Menang starts throwing harsh words about poor people.

Carding writes a letter to Luisa as he misses her a lot. Menang's campaign is backfiring because of her harsh words to Idad. She is forced to apologize to Idad.

Week 5Edit

Original Airdate Season Episode # Mega Manila Rating
October 19, 2009 1 14 28.9%
Luisa's family decide that it is better to take Luisa to her grandmother's place in the province so that Carding cannot contact her.

Cading tries to catch up with them but Luisa is gone.

Mimi is happy about the news that Luisa is gone.

October 20, 2009 1 15 28.9%
Luisa is left in the province with her grandmother and aunt to study.

Carding is given the news that a letter was sent to Peping (Luisa's youngest brother) from the province where Luisa is.

Carding goes to see Luisa. Luisa breaks up with Carding. It starts to rain and they are caught up in the storm. They seek shelter in a cave. Their families are worried and news goes around that they have eloped.

Afraid of Carding mother, and understanding Luisa's reason, Idad is pretending to be mad at Luisa and warns her to never come back since she betrayed her family.

October 21, 2009 1 16 28.9%
Everyone is talking about Carding and Luisa.

Luisa's family is still angry at her. But, Luisa's told her family that the reason why she was close to Carding, since she was got blame herself when Carding got an accident. Idad hear this, but didn't talk to Luisa.

Menang is angry too, but to boost her position in the election for mayor, she decides that Carding and Luisa should marry. Luisa accepts the proposal.

Mimi is disappointed but Menang tells her that she will make the marriage fail after she wins the election.

October 22, 2009 1 17 28.9%
On the day of Carding and Luisa's wedding, everyone attends except Idad and Totoy who are still mad at Luisa. it was discover that they were not mad at Luisa, they were pretend to be mad at her, in order to not get in trouble for angry at Carding. Totoy on other hand, had kept the promise to Luisa for their dreams in secret, until when she separates with Carding. They both understand Luisa's words.

Mimi and Menang form a plan. As soon as Carding and Luisa come back from their honeymoon, Menang tells Carding that he must attend college and accompany Mimi.

Luisa is left in the hands of Menang who informs her that she will have to follow her rules and orders in her house.

Week 6Edit

Original Airdate Season Episode # Mega Manila Rating
October 26, 2009 1 18 30.1%
Life for Luisa is terrible at Carding's house due to Menang's cruel treatment.

Menang even tells Carding that Luisa is lazy and does nothing around the house. Menang and Luisa attend election campaigns but Luisa is given nothing to eat. Idad overhears Menang telling Madam Carmen that Luisa is lazy and does nothing. Mimi overhears Carding telling Alex (his cousin) that he loves Luisa because her simple and sweet nature make her unique. Mimi tries to emulate Luisa by dressing like her. Menang confronts Luisa and hits her after Luisa overhears her telling David that she is broke. Luisa stands up to Menang and tells her that she won't let her mistreat her again because she is not stupid and that the poor have their principles too.

October 27, 2009 1 19 28.9%
Menang takes Luisa shopping to please the public by dressing her well.

Carding comes to visit during the weekend and Luisa tells him she is afraid of his mother.

He asks his mother and she pretends that she will try not to intimidate her anymore and be patient with her.

Luisa's family is breaking apart with Idad and Tomas constantly away at work but Peping comes up with an idea and they patch things up.

When Carding leaves for school, Menang drags Luisa into the house but Diego sees Menang mistreating her.

October 28, 2009 1 20 28.9%
Idad falls sick and is taken to hospital.

Luisa hears but Menang forbids her to leave the house. She sneaks out. Idad needs a blood transfusion and Luisa donates her blood to save her mother. When Luisa gets home later she is confronted by Menang. Carding hurries home on hearing that Luisa is gone. On entering the house he finds his mother on the floor and he thinks that Luisa pushed her over. Saling visits Luisa by sneaking into the house and discovers that Luisa is mistreated. Luisa begs her not to tell her parents. As Saling and Diego talk about Luisa, Tomas overhears and runs to Menang's house to demand if Luisa is being mistreated.

October 29, 2009 1 21 28.9%
Menang uses David to get Luisa's father fired from work.

Luisa's father tries desperately to get another job to no avail. Luisa tries to get one too but cannot because everyone thinks she is rich. Carding is having difficulty at college. Mimi takes advantage of this and tutors Carding, who passes his exams.

Week 7Edit

Original Airdate Season Episode # Mega Manila Rating
November 2, 2009 1 22 30.1%
Luisa is warned not to do anything mischievous or else she will face dire consequences.

Saling comes to see her but Luisa accuses her of breaking her promise not to tell anyone her secret. Later Diego visits Luisa to clear things up between her and Saling but Menang sees them and forwards a picture to Carding. Carding calls Luisa and warns her that she is never see Diego again or else he will get hurt.

Peping tells Idad that Luisa donated the blood to keep her alive. Idad is mad that they never told her.

Jojo is trying to make Totoy jealous by pretending to go out with her friend. Totoy is heartbroken but can't do anything.

Diego visits Luisa again. Menang suspects Luisa is talking to a man even though she hasn't seen who it is.

Carding ignores Luisa's calls and goes out partying with Mimi. He becomes drunk and Mimi takes him home. While he is drunk Carding repeatedly calls out for Luisa and says that he really loves her. Mimi cries and pretends to be Luisa and kisses Carding.

The next morning Carding does remember anything. Mimi manipulates Carding and implies that he slept with her, although they didn't.

November 3, 2009 1 23 28.9%
Carding feels guilty about going home to his wife.

Mimi locks herself in her room after Carding tells her that they can no longer be friends. She pretends to commit suicide. Carding feels guilty and spends time with Mimi. He doesn't return home. Luisa and Menang go to church and where they meet Luisa's family. Idad talks to Luisa, who is very happy about this. Luisa asks David to help her father get a job but he refuses as he cannot get anything out of it. Carding and Mimi visit home for the weekend but Carding avoids Luisa. Mimi she invites Carding to a pretend pool party in order to swim with Carding. Menang finds out and calls Luisa to see what is happening. Luisa sees Carding bending over Mimi who pretended to have drowned.

November 4, 2009 1 24 28.9%
Luisa apologises for doubting Carding and Mimi. Carding claims that he was mad when he saw her and Diego together. He warns her that she should never see Diego again.

After Carding returns to college, Luisa decides to surprise him with a visit. Carding introduces Luisa to his friends as "Luisa" and as not his wife, which upsets her. Mimi tries to get Carding to attend a party that he previously agreed to go to. Luisa does not have much fun at the party while Carding dances with Mimi.

At Tomas's request, Idad goes to visit Luisa to forgive her. Luisa is not home. Idad leaves a message with the kind housekeeper that Luisa is invited to celebrate Tomas's birthday with the family that evening.

Luisa wants to go home to attend her father's birthday party. Carding tries to leave but his friends convince him to stay longer and he doesn't hear Luisa. Luisa walks to the bus station where she is attacked on the street. Luckily Diego was also going to the station and rescues her. Luisa and Diego talk the bus together home.

At Luisa's place, the family is preparing for Tomas's birthday.

Tomas is buying gifts for his family but on the way home he gets a heart attack. He cannot move off the railway and gets run over by the train and dies.

November 5, 2009 1 25 28.9%
Menang attends Tomas's funeral but Luisa is angry with her because she blames her for Tomas's death.

Luisa stays with her family. Idad forgives Luisa, and Luisa discover that she was pretending to be mad at her, so that she will not get in trouble for against Carding, the day when the news as people thinks that Luisa and Carding were eloped, from the hands of Menang.

Luisa confronts Menang in the street and blames her for being responsible for her father's death. Carding doesn't know whether to side with Luisa or his mother. He decides to go back to the city.

Menang goes further by getting Totoy fired. Luisa is furious and publicly claims war against Menang.

Week 8Edit

Original Airdate Season Episode # Mega Manila Rating
November 9, 2009 1 26 30.1%
Menang loses the election. She loses all her friends, even her campaign advisor.

She blames Luisa for all this and swears revenge.

Luisa and Carding are having problems. Idad tells her that she should go back and fix everything since marriage is not an easy road.

Carding keeps doubting Luisa.

November 10, 2009 1 27 28.9%
Carmen asks Luisa why Menang is mad at her and she learns that Luisa is being mistreated. Menang locks Luisa in a room but she escapes and goes to her place.

Carding tries to convince Luisa to go back to the mansion but she refuses and Idad tells him to leave. Diego has feelings for Luisa and she senses that. Totoy goes to the city and he is lucky to find a new job.

As Totoy is with his boss and her child in a shopping mall he sees Carding and Mimi flirting.

November 11, 2009 1 28 28.9%
Luisa doesn't believe Totoy ween he tells her that he saw Carding and Mimi flirting. She asks Carding about it and he gives an excuse.

While Diego is drunk he tries to rape Luisa on her way to see Saling. Saling saves her and they report him to the police. Diego is arrested.

Luisa is pregnant with Carding's child.

Menang burns down her house in order to get insurance money. It is discovered that she started the fire. She becomes injured and has nowhere to go. Idad welcomes them into their place but Menang is too proud to accept.

Mimi finds out about the pregnancy. She offers Diego money to lie that he and Luisa were having an affair and that it is his baby.

November 12, 2009 1 29 28.9%
Diego dies and Luisa receives a letter from Carding for a divorce.

Mimi plans for the eviction of Luisa's family and Alex overhears it.

Mimi is told by the doctor that she will never bear children.

Alex knocks Luisa over to hurt the baby but she recovers. Totoy discover the news what happen to his sister, this caused to forgive her, as Luisa knew that he kept a promise to her to make their family dreams come true.

Jojo asks Mimi about the agreement between her and Diego but Mimi refuses to tell. When Jojo tries to tell Carding, Mimi tries to strangle Jojo[Jojo attempted to fight back but Mimi is to strong for to her handle] . Jojo's friend comes to save her. They go to report her but Mimi has beaten them to it.

It is discovered that Alex is the one who knocked Luisa over.

Week 8Edit

Original Airdate Season Episode # Mega Manila Rating
November 16, 2009 1 30 30.1%

Jojo and Alex tells Carding everything. He visits Mimi in the hospital and overhears her friends threatening to tell all about her evil deeds.

Mimi's plan backfires and she is jailed by the authorities for conspiracy into committing murder, Mimi begins to be abused by the other inmates. She is bailed out by Carmen (her mother), which proves to be her undoing as Mimi sets out get revenge on Luisa.

Menang asks for forgiveness from Luisa and she is even taken in to stay with them.

Mimi storms into Luisa's house and tries to kill her[even attempting to stab her with a scissor] Luisa can barely fight back against her due to her pregnancy. Luckily Carding arrives on time to save her but Mimi knocks him unconscious with a tire iron. Mimi tries to kill herself and Carding[seeing that if she can't have him, no one will] and they are involved in an accident. Carding recovers but Mimi loses her legs and is sentenced to prison for the rest of her life for her crimes and misdeeds.

Carding and Luisa have a baby girl and they live happily ever after. Totoy owns a restaurant in St Luisa and finally courts Jojo. The Promise of Luisa and Totoy come true to their family. END


  • Gulong ng Palad - main theme song (performed by Jerome Sala)
  • Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka / Sa Piling Mo (performed by Sheryn Regis)
  • Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita (performed by Rachelle Ann Go)

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