Gully emptier

A gully emptier (colloquially: "gully sucker") is a type of specialized tank truck with suction gear which can suck wastewater and mud and sludge out of hollows such as the hollows below drain grids in street gutters and carry it to a suitable disposal point. It needs to be able to suck out and pump through into its tank any road grit and miscellaneous solids that have entered the hollow.

Gully emptier in Germany

Some have a means of squeezing the water from its load, and letting that water into the drain or keeping it for high pressure cleaning of drain pipes.

Differences to vacuum truckEdit

A vehicle which is purely a vacuum truck has a long wide flexible hose without the big solid nozzle with controls on.

Gully emptiers are often outfitted with devices to separate the liquid content of its tank from solid matter, allowing the liquids to run to storm drain. Since this is not done with cesspool content, cesspool emptiers have no need for such separative capability.

Sometimes a gully emptier has a flexible hose without solid nozzle like on a cesspool emptier.


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