Gull-Þóris saga

Gull-Þóris saga (About this soundlisten ) is one of the sagas of Icelanders. The saga takes place in the west of Iceland during the Settlement of Iceland in the second half of the ninth century. It tells the story of Thorir Oddrsson (nicknamed Gull-Þórir), a chieftain in Þorskafjörður, and his dispute with his neighbour Hallr.[1]

Thorir (Þórir) comes to Iceland with his father, Oddr skrauti. Thorir's wife is Ingibjörg, daughter of Gill, who settled Gilsfjörður. Later Thorir goes raiding with Hyrningr the son of Hallr of Hofstaðir, and obtains gold in Finnmark, where he defeats some dragons in a cave north of Dumbshaf. When the men come back to Iceland, Hallr wants to get a portion of the gold on behalf of his son, although Hyrningr is satisfied with his lot. This becomes a great controversy between Thorir and Hallr. Thorir kills both Hallr and his older son Rauðr, but is later reconciled with Hyrningr, who does not get involved in the feud.


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