Guled Abdi (Sultan)

Sultan Guled Abdi (Somali: Guuleed Cabdi, Arabic: جوليد بن عبدي) was a Somali ruler. He was the first Sultan of the Isaaq Sultanate and his numerous offspring would form the Rer Guled and continue to lead after his death.[2]

Sultan Guled Abdi
سلطان جوليد بن عبدي
1st Sultan of the Isaaq Sultanate
Reign1750- 1808
CoronationJuly 1750[1]
PredecessorPosition established
Dhuh Barar as Garad of the Isaaq
SuccessorFarah Guled
DynastyGuled Dynasty
ReligionSunni Islam


The Isaaq Sultanate was established in the mid-18th century by Sultan Guled of the Eidagale clan. His coronation took place after the victorious battle of Lafaruug in which his father the legendary Abdi Eisa successfully lead the Isaaq in battle and defeated the Absame tribes, permanently pushing them out of present-day Maroodi Jeex region. After witnessing his leadership skills, noble conduct and valiance, the Isaaq chiefs recognized his father Abdi who refused to adopt the Sultan title preferring his son. Guled would be crowned the first Grand Sultan of the Isaaq clan. Sultan Guled ruled the Isaaq from the 1750s up until his death in the early 19th century, where he was succeeded by his eldest son Farah.[3]

Preceded by
Chief Abdi Chief Eisa
Isaaq Sultanate Succeeded by

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