Guinness Peat Group

Guinness Peat Group was an investment holding company with interests in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Guinness Peat Group
Public limited company
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
Key people
Sir Ron Brierley (Chairman)


The company, which had been formed as an investment offshoot of the London-based investment bank Guinness Mahon in the 1980s, was acquired by Brierley Investments Limited (a business controlled by Sir Ron Brierley) in 1990.[1] The company's shares were listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in 1991, on the London Stock Exchange in 1992 and the Australian Securities Exchange in 1993.[2] In 2000, the company spearheaded a campaign to stop the London Stock Exchange from merging with Germany's Deutsche Börse.[3]

The company, having disposed of its other investments, was renamed after its former subsidiary, Coats, in February 2015.[4]


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