Guillaume de Chartres

Guillaume de Chartres (Guillielmus de Carnoto, Willemus de Carnoto), (c. 1178 – 1219) was a grand master of the Knights Templar from 1210 – 26 August 1218.

Guillaume de Chartres
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Grand Master of the Knights Templar
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Personal details
Bornc. 1178

He was the son of Milo IV, the Count of Bar-sur-Seine.

In 1210, Guillaume de Chartres assisted at the coronation of Jean de Brienne as King of Jerusalem. In 1211, he arbitrated between Leo I of Armenia and the Templars, regarding the castle of Bagras. During his rule, the order flourished in Spain, achieving important victories against the Moors. He had contact with the Mongols under Genghis Khan and was accused of treason as a result.[1]

Guillaume died in 1219 of pestilence, (possibly endemic typhus), as a consequence of being wounded during the siege of Damietta, in Seborga in the Holy Land.


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Grand Master of the Knights Templar
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