Guilherme Franco

Guilherme Franco (born November 25, 1946 and died November 12, 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil) was a percussionist in the jazz and world fusion music genres.

Franco performed on the albums of many notable jazz musicians such as McCoy Tyner, Lonnie Liston Smith, Don Pullen and Woody Shaw. Between 1971 and 1976 he was an occasional additional member of Keith Jarrett's "American Quartet", and was also a member of Paul Winter's Consort.

In 1981 he started a samba school in New York City and a power samba group called "Pe De Boi" (a Brazilian slang term for a good musician, literally meaning "foot of the bull"). As a result, he began playing many gigs in the New York City underground scene of the 1980s with the likes of David Byrne and David Johansen among many others.

He was said to practice music 14 hours a day.[citation needed]

Franco suffered a stroke in March 2015 and was cared for at the Hospital Arnaldo Pezzuti Cavalcanti in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo where he died in November 2016.[citation needed]


In 1998 he recorded the solo album Capoeira: Legendary Music of Brazil, on the Lyrichord record label, on which album he plays most of the instruments.[1]

He appeared on at least one album a year in most years after 1972, as shown in the table below.[2]

Year Album Artist Instrument
1972 The Cry of My People Archie Shepp Percussion, Berimbau
1974 Atlantis McCoy Tyner Percussion
1974 Back Hand Keith Jarrett Percussion
1974 Black Love Carlos Garnett Percussion
1974 Bridge into the New Age Azar Lawrence Percussion
1974 The Moontrane Woody Shaw Percussion
1974 Sama Layuca McCoy Tyner Percussion
1974 Treasure Island Keith Jarrett Percussion
1975 Death and the Flower Keith Jarrett Percussion
1975 New Agenda Elvin Jones Percussion
1975 Love Dance Woody Shaw Percussion
1975 Mysteries Keith Jarrett Percussion
1975 Pinnacle Buster Williams Percussion
1975 Shades Keith Jarrett Percussion
1975 Speak to Loneliness Terumasa Hino Percussion
1975 Summer Solstice Azar Lawrence Drums
1976 Fly with the Wind McCoy Tyner Tambourine
1976 Ichi-Ban Louis Hayes-Junior Cook Quintet Percussion
1976 Focal Point McCoy Tyner Percussion, conga, Tabla
1976 Reflections of a Golden Dream Lonnie Liston Smith Percussion
1977 Mysterious Flying Orchestra Bob Thiele Percussion
1977 Renaissance Lonnie Liston Smith Percussion
1978 The Greeting McCoy Tyner Percussion, Conga, Berimbau
1978 Lenox Avenue Breakdown Arthur Blythe Percussion
1978 Live at Carnegie Hall & Montreaux, Switzerland Teresa Brewer Percussion, Latin American Rhythm
1978 Thundering David Schnitter Percussion, Conga, Vocals
1979 Wintersong Paul Winter Consort Flute, Drums, Snare drum
1980 Swish Michael Brecker/Harris Simon Group Percussion
1981 Para Los Amigos!! Gato Barbieri Percussion
1982 Missa Gaia/Earth Mass Paul Winter Percussion
1985 Concert for the Earth Paul Winter Consort with Susan Osborn Percussion
1987 Balance C'est What?! Berimbau, Cuica
1987 Oscar! Oscar Castro-Neves Percussion
1988 Wolf Eyes Paul Winter Consort Percussion
1990 Earth: Voices of a Planet Paul Winter Consort Drums, Surdo, Agogo
1990 So & So: Mukai Meets Gilberto Astrud Gilberto with S. Mukai Percussion, Berimbau, Shaker
1991 Children of Ibeji Ivo Perelman Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Electric Berimbau
1991 Kele Mou Bana Don Pullen Percussion, Timbales, Berimbau, Timba
1991 Live from El Salvador Various Artists Drums
1991 Watercolors Lonnie Liston Smith Percussion
1992 Anthems Paul Winter Percussion
1992 Lunasea Lee Konitz with Peggy Stern Percussion
1992 Passing Thoughts Tana/Reid Percussion, Conga
1992 Sun Sun Casiopea Percussion
1992 Children Of Ibeji Ivo Perelman Percussion, drums, electric berimbau
1993 Be Bop or Be Dead Umar Bin Hassan Percussion, Conga, Berimbau
1993 Caminhos Cruzados Larry Goldings Tabla, Pandeiro, Agogo, Cuica, Ganza, Tamborim
1993 Ekstasis Nicky Skopelitis Percussion, Conga, Sound Effects, Tambourine, Whistling, Whistle, Berimbau, Cuica, cowbell
1993 Ode to Life Don Pullen & The African-Brazilian Conne Percussion, Berimbau, Timba
1993 Still Waters C'est What?! Drums, Berimbau, Cuica
1994 Man of the Forest Ivo Perelman Conga, Timbales, Bells, Pandeiro, Pandora, Cuica, Zabumba, Timba
1994 Dance of the Forest Rain Straight Ahead Percussion, Conga
1996 Big Stuff Larry Goldings Percussion
1996 Thank You, John! Our Tribute to John Coltrane Arkadia Jazz All-Stars Drums
1996 Traveling On Ted Curson Percussion
1997 Dark Journey Woody Shaw Percussion
1997 Last of the Line Woody Shaw Percussion
1998 Capoeira: Legendary Music of Brazil Guilherme Franco Conga, Triangle, Vocals, Berimbau, Pandeiro, Surdo, Performer, Agogo, Cuica, Ganza, Quinto, Soprano Berimbau, Tenor Berimbau
1998 Power Samba Band Pe de Boi Percussion, Arranger, Vocals, Producer
1999 Another Blue T.K. Blue Percussion
1999 Apparition John McKenna Percussion
1999 Brazilian Watercolor Ivo Perelman Percussion, Wood Flute
1999 Down Here Below Jeffery Smith Percussion, Drums
1999 Future Jazz Howard Mandel Percussion, Timba
1999 Three Flutes Up Chip Shelton Percussion
2000 Givin' Away the Store, Vol. 2 Woody Shaw Percussion
2000 Ichi-Ban Louis Hayes Percussion
2000 Incontournables McCoy Tyner Percussion
2000 New Mo Swing: The Ancient and Modern Moabites, Vol. 1 Napoleon Revels-Bey Percussion
2001 Easy Living: Jazz Bossa Various Artists Percussion
2001 Essential Thiago De Mello Thiago De Mello Percussion
2001 It's About Love Various Artists Percussion
2003 Flying Funk Various Artists Percussion
2003 Plant the Seed Plant the Seed Percussion
2004 It Doesn't Matter Lou Watson Percussion
2005 African Spirits: A Spiritual Jazz Journey Looking Bac Various Artists Percussion
2005 Hit the Rhodes, Jack Various Artists Percussion
2006 Fort Yawuh/Death and the Flower Keith Jarrett Percussion
2006 House That Trane Built: Story of Impulse Records Various Artists Percussion
2006 Impulse Story Keith Jarrett Percussion
2006 Milestone Profiles McCoy Tyner Percussion
2006 O Nosso Amor Mark Weinstein Percussion


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