Gui Cavalcanti

Gui Cavalcanti is a robotics engineer who co-founded Open Source Medical Supplies,[1][2] Artisan's Asylum,[3] and MegaBots Inc.[4]

Gui Cavalcanti
TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 - Day 3 (29574926522).jpg
Cavalcanti (right) at TechCrunch San Francisco 2016
Alma materOlin College
Known forFounding Open Source Medical Supplies, Artisan's Asylum, and MegaBots Inc.


Cavalcanti studied engineering at Olin College[4][3] and worked as a professor there after graduation.[5]


Cavalcanti initially worked at Boston Dynamics, before creating communal workshop Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, Massachusetts,[3][6] in 2010[7] which Wired magazine reported as being the world's largest hackerspace.[8] In the same article, Wired described Cavalcanti as "insane".[8]

Cavalcanti co-founded California based[3] MegaBots Inc.,[9] a company that built a giant fighting robot that appeared in the Guinness book of records[10] and on Jay Leno's Garage in 2018.[3][4][11][12] In 2015 Cavalcanti uploaded a video to YouTube inviting the team that owned and operated Japanese fighting robot Kuratas to a duel.[13]

Cavalcanti stars in the movie The Giant Robot Duel: MegaBots vs. Suidobashi.[12]

In 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cavalcanti co-founded Open Source Medical Supplies, an organization that collates and shared open source designs for medical supplies.[14]

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