Guglielmo Inglese

Guglielmo Inglese (24 November 1892 – 14 January 1972) was an Italian actor, radio personality and playwright.

Guglielmo Inglese
Guglielmo Inglese.jpg
Born(1892-11-24)24 November 1892
Naples, Italy
Died14 January 1972(1972-01-14) (aged 79)
Rome, Italy

Life and careerEdit

Born in Naples into a family of Apulian origins, Inglese debuted on stage as a child actor at 2 years old, and then he was part of some of the most important stage companies of the time, including the one led by Raffaele Viviani in 1920.[1] He abandoned the theater to devote himself to radio, with which he got a large popularity thanks to his comic monologues caricaturing typical Southern stock characters, notably the "peasant from Apulia".[1] He made his cinema debut when he already was mature aged, in 1948, mostly cast in character roles in which he reprised his radio repertoire.[1] He was often a sidekick of Totò, both in cinema and on stage.[1] He was also author of several riviste.[1]

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