Gudenå or Gudenåen (pronounced [ˈkuˀðn̩ˌɔˀn̩]), is Denmark's longest river and runs through the central parts of the Jutlandic peninsula. An anglicized version of the name often seen is 'The River Guden'.

The Guden River, Gudenåen
A northward view of the River Guden close to Lake Sminge
EtymologyGudars stream, Gods stream
DistrictCentral Denmark Region
MunicipalitySilkeborg, Favrskov, Randers
Physical characteristics
 • locationTinnet Krat
 • location
Randers Fjord
 • elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Length149 km (93 mi)[1] (river)
149 km (inc. Randers Fjord[2])
Basin size3,300 km2 (1,300 sq mi)[3]
 • average32.4 m3/s (1,140 cu ft/s)
Denmark's largest river measured by water volume, the Skjern River, also emerges in Tinnet Krat, close to the source of Gudenå.

Gudenåen has its spring in Tinnet Krat, Vejle Municipality (between Nørre Snede and Tørring-Uldum) and flows a total of 149 kilometres (93 mi) to Randers Fjord in Randers,[1] on a northward course which takes it through the central parts of Jutland. On its way, the river traverses the relatively high lying region of Søhøjlandet, through the lakes of Naldal Sø, Vestbirk Sø, Mossø, Gudensø, Rye Mølle Sø, Birksø, Julsø, Borre Sø, Brassø, Silkeborg Langsø and Sminge Sø before it empties in Randers Fjord; a long inlet of the Kattegat sea. It is fed by numerous streams and wetlands along the way.

Gudenåen came into existence some 15,000 years ago, at the end of the last Ice Age, when melting ice and glacial streams carved out its bed. The river shelters many species of animals and parts of its course are to be protected under the regulations of Natura 2000.


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