Gubeikou Town (simplified Chinese: 古北口镇; traditional Chinese: 古北口鎮; pinyin: Gǔběikǒu Zhèn) is a town of Miyun District in northeastern Beijing,[1] traversed by G101, bordering with Luanping County, Hebei to the north and the Beijing towns of Gaoling (高岭镇) to the west, Xinchengzi (新城子镇) to the east and Taishitun (太师屯镇). The area is one of the important passes of the Great Wall of China, serving as an ancient chokepoint for travelers between Northeast China and Beijing. As of 2020, it had a total population of 7,170 under its administration.[2]

Gubeikou Town
Town center of Gubeikou, 2010
Town center of Gubeikou, 2010
Location within Miyun District
Location within Miyun District
Gubeikou Town is located in Beijing
Gubeikou Town
Gubeikou Town
Gubeikou Town is located in China
Gubeikou Town
Gubeikou Town
Coordinates: 40°41′24″N 117°09′26″E / 40.69000°N 117.15722°E / 40.69000; 117.15722
Village-level Divisions4 communities
9 villages
 • Total86.3 km2 (33.3 sq mi)
216 m (709 ft)
 • Total7,170
 • Density83/km2 (220/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code010

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Gubeikou and Dushikou marked as the principal gateways through the Great Wall on the general map in the 1754 Provincial Atlas of the Qing Empire

This town's name originated in 1736. During Qianlong Emperor's visit, he named this region by combining two inscrpted names, Guguan (simplified Chinese: 古关; traditional Chinese: 古關; lit. 'Old Pass') and Beikou (Chinese: 北口; lit. 'North Gate'), into Gubeikou (Chinese: 古北口; lit. 'Old North Gate') that is still being used to this day.[3]

History Edit

Timeline of Gubeikou's History[3]
Time Status Belong to
Northern Song Beikou Pass Miyun County, Tan Department
Jin dynasty Beikou Fort
Yuan dynasty Beikou Relay Station
Ming dynasty Miyun Houwei Miyun County, Shuntian Prefecture
Qing dynasty Gubeikou Fort
1912 - 1928 Gubeikou Town Miyun District, Capital Area
1928 - 1934 Miyun District, Hebei
1934 - 1946 Jimi District, Rehe
1946 - 1949 Chengxingmi United County, Hebei
1949 - 1958 Miyun County, Hebei
1958 - 1961 Miyun County, Beijing
1961 - 1983 Gubeikou People's Commune
1983 - 1990 Gubeikou Township
1990 - 2015 Gubeikou Town
2015 - present Miyun District, Beijing

Administrative divisions Edit

So far in 2021, Gubeikou Town is composed of 13 subdivisions, of which 4 are communities and 9 are villages. They are listed as follows:[4]

Subdivision Names Name Transliterations Type
南菜园 Nancaiyuan Community
古北口 Gubeikou Community
北头 Beitou Community
东山 Dongshan Community
古北口 Gubeikou Village
河西 Hexi Village
潮关 Chaoguan Village
杨庄子 Yangzhuangzi Village
龙洋 Longyang Village
北甸子 Beidianzi Village
北台 Beitai Village
汤河 Tanghe Village
司马台 Simatai Village

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