Guaviare River

The Guaviare is a tributary of the Orinoco in Colombia. It flows together with the upper Orinoco (until here also called Río Parágua), which it clearly surpasses in length (altogether about 1760 km) and water flow. Thus, the Guaviare is hydrologically the main stream of the Orinoco system.[1]

San Jose del Guaviare - panoramio.jpg
The Guaviare River as seen from the air
Physical characteristics
 • locationAriari and Guayabero Rivers
 • location
The Orinoco
Length1,497 km (930 mi)
Basin size140,000 km2 (54,000 sq mi)
 • average8,200 m3/s (290,000 cu ft/s)

The Guaviare has its source in two other rivers, the Ariari and the Guayabero, which in turn have their own sources in the eastern part of the Andes. At 1,497 kilometres (930 mi) long, it is the longest tributary of the Orinoco and is navigable for 630 kilometres (390 mi) of its total length. The Guaviare is considered the border between the Llanos and the Amazon Rainforest. Its main tributary is the Inírida River.


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  • The information in this article is based on a translation of its German equivalent.

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