Guanentá Province

Guanentá Province is a province in the Santander Department, in Colombia. The province was named after the Amerindian Chief Guanentá, leader of the Guanes, who were the original inhabitants of the region.


The municipalities forming the province are:


  • Rio Fonce it is born in the south of this province and it crosses it from the south to the nor-West gathering to his rios steps such as: pienta, the mogoticos, la broken of deer and other so many that soon we will comment, passes through towns such as charalá, valley of san jose, ocamonte, happens through territories of wooded hills, gil the urban helmet of san, through near pinchote and ends to rio suarez.
  • Rio Pienta fonce is one of the main affluents of rio
  • Rio Taquiza fonce is another one of principlaes affluent of rio
  • Rio Mogoticos this affluent of rio fonce as its name indicates it comes from the guanentino wooded hill municipality and ends to rio fonce in the heat of park the gil gallineral of san.
  • Broken of Deer this gorge comes from the guanentino municipality of paramo and ends at rio fonce in cercanias of the bridge of the valley (bridge that unites to sangil and paramo with the valley municipality of san jose).

Tourism activitiesEdit

  • Park the Gallineral of San Gil, Canotaje in the Rio Fonce beginning the route in the Valley municipality of San Jose and Finishing it in the Municipality of San Gil.
  • Spotted streets and Colonial Constructions of the Municipality of Barichara.

Festivals and eventsEdit

  • Festival of Guasca Music
  • Festival of Colombian and Religious Andean Music Both to be celebrated in the municipality of San Gil.

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