Guan Zhaoye (Chinese: 关肇邺; 4 October 1929 – 26 December 2022) was a Chinese architect who was a professor at Tsinghua University, and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Guan Zhaoye
Born(1929-10-04)4 October 1929
Died26 December 2022(2022-12-26) (aged 93)
Beijing, China
Alma materYenching University
Tsinghua University
Scientific career
InstitutionsTsinghua University
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Biography edit

Guan was born in Beijing, on 4 October 1929, while his ancestral home is in Nanhai, Guangdong.[1] His father Guan Genglin [zh] was a poet, scholar and industrialist.[1] His elder male cousin Guan Zhaozhi was a mathematician and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.[2] He attended Beijing Yuying High School, a school run by the American Church. In 1947, he entered Yenching University, but transferred to Tsinghua University a year later.[1]

After graduating in 1952, Guan stayed and taught at Tsinghua University, where he was promoted to associate professor in 1978 and to full professor in 1984.[1] From 1981 to 1982, he was a visiting scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1]

On 26 December 2022, he died at Beijing Changgeng Hospital, at the age of 93.[3]

Buildings designed by Guan edit

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References edit

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